Four Keys to Improving Employee Engagement

By Len Adams, CPC, CTS Your company is running and you have hired your team of employees now comes the next step: how do you keep you employees engaged and happy? First thing to know is what does it mean to be engaged? Engaged refers to employees who are active participants in the company and […]

Is casting a broad net when recruiting more effective than a Targeted approach?

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS The conventional wisdom of most organizations is that the more outlets they use to post open positions, the better the odds of identifying the “IDEAL” candidate(s). Many subscribe to the theory that “more is better”. As the owner and CEO of a company in the Search, Recruiting and Staffing space […]

Beyond Salary: Conditions and Benefits Employees Want Most

“Money talks” is a common phrase used when discussing hiring employees and how to attract the top people to join your business. Besides salary, what other benefits do employees want the most? Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist, describes a hierarchy of needs that applies to every human. At the very least, everyone wants to survive […]

Employee Privacy: Why Smart Employers Guarantee It

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS Employees’ right to privacy in the working environment has stirred quite a controversy. within the media for the past years. Right to privacy has been a hot topic wit the industry especially in this age when technology and information can easilypaved a way for faster and more private methods of […]

How to Deliver Effective Employee Training in 6 Easy Steps

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTC The success of your company lies in your employees. Employees are the best asset of any company; their performance determines your company’s success and by developing an employee training program it can contribute to the success of your business. It benefits greatly to both employees and employer. Training programs help […]

Find and Hire the Best Candidate for the Right Business

By Len Adams, CPC, CSP The corporate world is always changing. Adapting to these changes is important and finding the right candidate for the organization is just as essential. After all, employees are the core of an organization. They are the people who man the desks and keep the business up and running. Simply put: […]

Recruiting For Diversity

When someone mentions diversity, what comes into mind are different factors concerning gender, age, race, and cultural background. In the workforce, it does not only mean to hire people of different races, age, and gender. Most businesses are now acknowledging the importance of having a diverse company culture. We may share a common interest, but […]

Improving Employee Engagement

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS What makes a business highly efficient? It’s employees who are engaged in their work, but why do companies need to maintain a high level of employee engagement? Engaged employees who have passion for their work willingly put more effort into their roles. They bring joy, dedication, and efficiency to their […]

Six Characteristics of a Strong Corporate Culture

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS All corporate organizations, big or small, has a culture. It is defined by it. Corporate culture gives identity to every organization. To be more precise: it is what gives a company its personality. Like an individual, a culture defines the way how your corporation interacts within itself and to the […]

Difficult Conversations – Poor Performance

By Len Adams, CPC, CTS Dealing with a poorly performing employee can be frustrating. It can be complex and time consuming to make sure you get the right result – an improvement in their performance, or failing that, them being managed out of the organization in a fair and legal way. It is likely you […]