The Benefits of Employee Feedback


There are benefits to employee feedback that are immeasurable. Employee feedback is necessary in any working environment; employees crave it, while bosses often shy away from it.  It is easy to believe that it is only necessary to give employees feedback when they do something wrong, but it is helpful to both you and the employee when they know that they are also doing something right.  Employee feedback can have a multitude of benefits for both individual employees and the company as a whole. Here are some of the main benefits of employee feedback

First, employee feedback can motivate employees.  If you are directly told that what you are doing is right and you’re doing it well then you will be more motivated to keep doing what you are doing.  Over time, employees work will also improve because they are motivated to work harder and do their best at all times.  This increase in motivation which will lead to increased morale and productivity among all employees, which will over time improve the company as a whole.  Also, getting feedback can make employees more eager to even come to work.  People innately crave feedback, good or bad, so when they start to get that feedback at work they will be more eager to go to the office to complete their tasks for more feedback.


Providing your employees with feedback can also allow them to grow the company, while also growing within the company.  If an employee knows what they are doing right or wrong, then they can figure out what it is that you are looking for and how they can improve in the future.  It is easy to fall into the belief that if you tell your employees they are doing a good job then they will no longer put forth the same amount of effort, however, people are constantly seeking the approval of their superiors.  If you tell an employee they are doing well, then they will strive to do even better the next time you give them a task, and if you tell an employee that their work wasn’t where you would’ve liked it to be, then they will realize what it is you are looking for in their work and they will do better to meet your standards in the future.


Employee feedback does not always have to be simply when employees are not doing well.  It is helpful to always let employees know where they stand as far as their performance.  When an employee does several tasks with no feedback from their superiors, then they may start to wonder if they need to do things differently for the next tasks as they do not know how their work was received.  Thus, by not telling employees when their work is done well, they may assume they need to change it and instead give you something that you aren’t looking for.  Employee feedback helps employee motivation and production, as well as both individual and company growth, among many other benefits.