Inexpensive ways to thank employees for a job well done


Employees work just as hard as you do to make the company a success, and you couldn’t do it without them, so it’s important that you remember to thank them for all of their hard work every now and then. Here are a few thoughtful, yet affordable things to do to thank your employees:


Have a Small Party to Celebrate Successes

Having a small office party to celebrate all of the employees’ individual successes can be a great way to encourage and motivate employees after a lot of hard work. A small party every quarter can be both affordable and fun, allowing employees to enjoy themselves for a day while bonding more as a team. However, you can do better than a simple pizza party, try thinking outside of the box, do a taco bar or a sundae bar, something different that your employees can look forward to.



Send a Thoughtful Card

Cards are a great way to say thank you for all you do, but if that’s all it says, then it isn’t properly doing it’s job. Writing your own personal message in the card lets your employee know just how much you appreciate all they do for the company. Knowing that their efforts are being recognized can really help motivate and encourage employees to continue working hard.


Call Out Accomplishments

If an employee lands a big deal or does something particularly well, let them know.  It can be especially beneficial to call out accomplishments publicly, bringing up successes in front of other employees will not only let other employees know what you’re looking for, but it will also allow the employee to have a moment to celebrate all of their hard work.

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