Tips to Become a Better Leader

  Leadership, despite what everyone thinks, is situational. Often people assume that only certain people have the necessary skills to be leaders, but that is a myth. A leader is someone who has a vision of the opportunity or challenge and the courage to take action based on that. Someone who is a leader in […]

Performance Appraisals Pros and Cons

  Performance appraisals are not a revolutionary idea in the business world. In fact, they are one the most dreaded traditions for both employees and employers. This is the yearly, or sometimes monthly, chance that employers get to look at their employees and see if they are doing their job efficiently. Since performance appraisals have […]

Top Tips for managers to engage employees

Top Tips for managers to engage employees   To keep employees productive and committed to the job, is vital to keep them engaged. Here are some ways to help keep employees more engaged in the workplace:   Support Your Employees Getting to know your employees lets them know that they are not just another employee, […]

Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office

Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office   Communication, or the lack thereof, within a company can lead to many issues. Lack of communication causes frustration with the team and causes the company to be less effective as a whole. Here are a few ways to better manage communication in the work place:   Have Regular […]

Employee Motivation ideas that won’t break the bank

Employee Motivation ideas that won’t break the bank   Monetary rewards are not as motivational in the long run as letting someone know they’re doing a great job. Here are a few simple, free ways to motivate your employees:   Allow Them More Autonomy Allowing employees to make more decisions on their own motivates them […]

Best tips for training new employees

New employees can be a great asset to any team, their fresh mind can offer the team a new perspective that no one may have considered before. However, new employees are only as great as their training, so below are three of the best tips for training new employees: Introduce The Team Introducing new employees […]

Five Ways to Build Great Work Teams

  Building a great work team can seem daunting. How do you take a diverse group of employees and turn them into an efficient, innovative, and effective team? The ultimate goal is to create a group that follows the agile system development technique, which can be applied to many different industries. The colloquial term for […]

5 Tips For Building Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is critical in running a business, and it can change how employees interact with each other and with their employers. Below are five ways to build workplace etiquette to ensure everything runs smoothly: Make A Good First Impression Coming into a new workplace is difficult, you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know […]

How To Reach Passive Job Seekers

How To Reach Passive Job Seekers   Active job seekers are people that are actively looking for jobs, reaching out to employers and filling out applications, while passive job seekers just look around without ever applying for anything or making contact with employers. While active job seekers may be the only candidates you hear from, […]

What to Look for When Recruiting Staff

WHat to look for when recruiting staff