How to keep employees interested and engaged

Keeping employees interested in their daily routines can be difficult. After doing the same activities daily, people tend to become less engaged in their responsibilities. Here are some ways to keep employees interested and engaged: Encourage Creativity Being forced to carry out tasks in the same manner every day creates a monotonous environment for your […]

How To Properly Fire An Employee

Termination should not be the first thing to come to mind when an employee is not entirely working out, but sometimes it does become necessary. When termination is the only option, make sure to handle the situation properly: Document Everything If you’re continually having to correct the same behaviors, you need to have a record […]

Pros And Cons Of Hiring Remote Employees

Remote employees can be a great addition to any team, but they may not be the best fit for every employer. Here are some pros and cons of hiring remote employees: Pros: Find Better Employees There may not be someone exactly right for your position where you’re located, so making the position remote can help […]

How To Ensure Your Employees Are Performing Their Best

The team is going to be at it’s peak performance when all of the members of the team are performing their best, here’s how to ensure that your employees are performing their best: Set Goals Set goals for your employees, so they know what your expectations are early on. Setting goals helps to ensure that […]

How To Choose The Right Candidate For The Job

You need a new employee, but you want to find the best fit for the job, here are some ways to ensure you always find the best candidate: Know Your Ideal Candidate You cant find the right person for a position if you don’t even know who the right candidate is. Setting clear goals of […]

How To Be An Effective Team Leader

Leading a team is not always easy, but here are a few tips to make it a little better: Make Time For The Team Make time to be there for your team, to lead them properly, not from afar. Also, get to know your team, getting to know each member on a more personal level […]

Short Term vs. Long Term Goals: When to Use Each

  In the current whipsaw environment of stock market measurements, evaluations, and executive compensation programs, it can be easy to forget that no product will last forever. No market share will remain unchallenged. Everyone will refine the process as time goes on. These are simple facts. We often lose ourselves in the effort to perfect […]

Are You Being Too Smart for Your Own Good?

  Gaming the system has always been a temptation for businesses, but customers have learned to adapt to whatever you are doing far more quickly than you would think. Here is a classic example: the infamous sale. A sale has become so ubiquitous that people will not buy a product until it is on sale. […]

When Inspiration Strikes: The Benefits of Corporate Culture

We spend a lot of time at work. For a typical 9 to 5 worker, over the 45 years from college graduation to retirement, with a little held back for vacation, illness, and holidays, the total time spent working is around 90,000 hours. Add in a few thousand hours of commuting, a few late-night crises, […]

Best Office Gift Ideas

Best Office Gift Ideas Uh oh! It is holiday time. The questions of what gifts to give can be quite perplexing. Giving the boss a gift can be seen as brown nosing, but not giving the boss a gift can be seen as an insult to them. Oh, what to do in this world of […]