How To Build A Positive Corporate Culture

Annual reports show that year after year the amount of hours worked per week by the average American keep steadily dropping, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that huh? With all of the time people spend at their jobs, it is important to have a healthy, positive corporate culture for a business to thrive. Without […]

A Guide To Making Better Management Decisions

One of the potentially frightening things about being a manager is the need to make decisions; many, many decisions. This is typically more of a problem for new managers than it is for experienced managers, but it would not hurt either type of manager to brush up on how to make better management decisions. The […]

3 Tips To Make Better Powerpoint Presentations

Not many people in today’s modern workplace remember the world before a little company called Microsoft was founded. Likewise, the trusty PowerPoint software from Microsoft Office has been used to communicate a near endless stream of ideas over time, across the world. By this point though, people have become so numb to PowerPoint presentations because […]

Keys To Reducing Turnover In Most Industries

Companies of all size are always looking for ways to reduce employee turnover. When an employee leaves, it not only typically means that resources will need to be diverted to fill the vacant position, but the departing employee also takes with them a varying amount of knowledge with them. Restoring this knowledge in the new […]

Why Are Engaged Employees Better?

Maximizing employee engagement is something that comes with cascading benefits. Employee engagement is defined as an approach (by companies) to motivate their employees to stay committed to the goals of the organization and do their best while they are on the clock. One of the main reasons companies seek to improve engagement is because it […]

How The Pandemic Has Affected Businesses, Including ACG Resources

The Global Advocate Career Podcast invites Len Adams back to discuss how the pandemic has affected businesses, particularly, ACG Resources. Len discusses his perspective on what sectors have been irreversibly transformed and how those which have survived and thrived. Listen to Len transparently discuss how he and his team adapt to the “new normal”, the […]


By Ralph Fatigate Executive Managing Director, ACG Risk & Compliance Over the past several months, we have experienced a tremendous amount of changes in how we live and how we conduct business. The financial industry has been forced to adapt to the evolving demands and challenges facing us all during these turbulent times. Some of […]

How Do I Keep My Workplace Safe To Avoid Injuries?

Injuries can happen in the workplace when you least expect it, just like they can happen anywhere in the world, but businesses have an extra responsibility to keep their employees safe to the best of their ability. Putting up a few posters about the importance of safety and a once-per-year safety program might have been […]


Len Adams, the Founder and CEO of ACG Resources / Adams Consulting Group was recently interviewed by Tony Restell Len is passionate about helping job seekers and fellow recruiters to maintain some perspective whenever there is a challenging economic climate, such as today. Len outlined that there are in fact 7 key reasons why companies make […]

Podcast: The Best Practices When Recruiting Remotely | Working With People

Len Adams, CEO and Founder of ACG Resources was invited as a guest on the highly respected Working With People podcast recently. Listen to the episode now and enjoy some key take outs you can use in your organisation to help you hire better talent faster. Harrison interviews Len about the best practices when recruiting […]