Success Stories

Our client, a major international luxury brand in the Consumer products industry retained us to identify a new CEO for the Americas. Within one month we submitted 9 qualified candidates. Six were interviewed and one was chosen. Time to fill was less than 10 weeks and was only delayed due to the principals having to travel back to the States from overseas. The client was extremely satisfied with the search and indicated that their choice was difficult due to the fact that each candidate was more than qualified.

Our client, one of the largest worldwide banks in NYC need a Payroll Specialist for a direct-hire position. We were able to identify the perfect candidate and fill the role within two weeks. The client was pleased and our candidate has found the next career step. It’s another win-win!

One of our European bank clients was having considerable difficulty identifying a candidate for a long term Temp to Hire role in its Letter of Credit Group, owing to the physical location and skill set. Within a week we submitted two candidates which resulted in the hiring of a person after one interview... After eight months, this person was made a full-time employee. It was a win-win for everyone.

One of our financial clients referred us to a fabric company based out of China who was seeking a Sales Representative in the United States to broaden the geographic range of its brand. We placed a candidate in the role after quickly identifying five highly qualified candidates.

Our client, an NYC Based commercial bank located requested a Commercial Loan Closer for a direct-hire position. Within two weeks we successfully identified, submitted, and assisted them with hiring the perfect candidate. Our client was delighted with our response and timely placement and the candidate, who was out of work, was thankful for this opportunity for career growth.

An international specialty food company retained our search services for its United States presence. At first, the client was skeptical of our ability to meet the challenge. Within less than two weeks, we identified suitable candidates, scheduled initial skype interviews in which we participated, and hosted their interviews in New York. We assisted throughout the process from the creation of job description, through recommendations for compensation, benefits, and perks and guided the process all the way to offer and hiring. Successfully completed the search from start to finish within one month.

A major software company in the compliance space came to us with an aggressive expansion plan. We met with them and developed a plan to scale back the plan, creating opportunities for new hires to be promoted and shown career progression. Within a two year period, we successfully filled twenty-two senior and mid-level positions such as Chief Information Security Officer, Head of IT, Compliance project Manager, Receptionist, Human Resources, as well as a variety of other roles to build their infrastructure and, helping the company to be an even more dominant player in the space.

An international bank client with a United States presence in NYC was having difficulty finding a candidate for a Loan Operations role, We were able to identify the perfect candidate for the role. It was a challenging assignment in that the bank was searching on its own and with other recruiters for over 2 months. With our extensive resources and our persistence, the role was filled and our client was delighted!

We were approached by a prospect in the automotive industry that had been looking for three months to fill a critical compliance need for a 4-6 month temporary assignment. Within three weeks we presented two candidates during a holiday week where many companies are shut down, one of whom was engaged. That temporary employee is now being considered for permanent employment after completion of the temporary role.

A specialty food importer approached us several months prior to retaining our retained search services. At first, the client could not appreciate the value of our search services but finally agreed to proceed with us. After delaying retaining us, they finally retained our services after looking on their own for several months. We identified and presented several targeted, suitable candidates. Within one week, they really understood and appreciated the value of our services through every step of the process, especially when they had a difficult time choosing between two qualified candidates and where our “white glove” service brought success to their search. They now have valued clients.


"I have engaged Len Adams on many high-level executive search assignments as well as middle level managerial and technical positions. He not only grasps the skills, knowledge, and experience levels to fill a need he understands the attitudes, habits, and work ethic required for the right fit. I found him to be a superb HR advisor with an instinct for zeroing in on the essentials of organizational needs. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone with immediate staffing needs or in need of a consult on how to staff for growth."

-Phillip S.

"I would have never found this opportunity on my own. You found me at the right time in my search, and I will always appreciate your efforts. I sincerely appreciate your quick responses to my many inquiries, your tireless efforts to assist with fact-finding, and your overall exceptional professional attitude. I hope to have the opportunity to reach out to you to help ME hire someone in the future."

-Jason B.

"Len Adams is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader. As a client of his, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to work well with colleagues and clients. Len is a person of high integrity and values demonstrated in the quality service provided to his clients."

-Jerry J.

"Len is one of my favorite clients. He has architected an amazing automation engine and is a pleasure to work with. He combines a unique set of characteristics that I seldom see together - Old school recruiting knowledge, work ethic, communication skills, and hustle with a thirst for innovation and technology. Typically those two sets of characteristics are mutually exclusive but Len has the rare gift to combine them together. He has incorporated an impressive tech stack and I think if anyone wants to know or emulate where great recruiting is headed in the future...stay close to Len Adams."

-Billy D.

"Len is an energetic, dynamic, owner and CEO of Adams Consulting. He is always there as a leader for everyone on the team."

-Debby C.

"Len, You and your team are true professionals. Providing services, business solutions, and networking with real Human Resources professionals. Thanks for your help these past four years."

-Mary M.S.

"Greg found my resume' online. He thought I would be a great fit for one of his prestigious clients Safe Banking Systems, LLC. He got me a face-to-face interview with my current employer SBS and it was a perfect match. Greg was very upfront and professional on what the job entailed and the description of the environment. He is a man of his word, and nowadays with recruiters, you have to make sure you can have someone you can really trust. Greg Eidlen is that guy. Everything he told me was true and I have been burned before in a big way with my previous recruiter. With Greg, I was cautious but saw that he was true and real. Thank you Greg for what you have done for me and SBS."

-Raffaele F.

"Greg first reached out to me on LinkedIn about recruiting services. At the time we were all set but by the time he reached out to remind me, we were needing a position filled as quickly as possible. Greg and his team provided quality applicants and we were able to fill the position with a great fit. I am so pleased with how well this whole process went. Greg is a blast to work with and I will definitely be calling him in the future for any of our openings in specialized positions."

-Reagan D.

"It is going to be 30 years that I have known Len, of which the first fifteen years he was just a voice over the phone. Len basically was the extension to our Human Resource Department providing the bank with the ability to fill positions rapidly and with the right talent. He is very professional, has a great personality, goes out of his way to make sure the client is happy, well connected, and is an expert in his field. Len is a very good friend and I highly recommend his firm in helping any company fulfill their Human Resource needs."

-Vincent R.

"I have used Len's recruiting services on several occasions. I found him well connected in the financial industry and very efficient. Len uses his expertise to achieve a perfect match between employers and prospective candidates. Len's long experience is a very valuable asset for compensation negotiations. I recommend Len very highly."

-Gerard L.

"Gregory is one of the brightest, innovative, and top-notch providers for his clients... He becomes more brilliant each day! He is, by nature, a professional who is eager - and more than a capable manager whose credo is to help others to find solutions to problems in record time. Sizes up a need and finds the answer. Real professional, a gentleman - and top-notch in his field. First-class in everything he does - and is!"

-Jim H.

"Len is a detailed, consistent, and successful entrepreneur who has built his business over the years on the basis of excellent customer service, adaptability, and delivery. He conveys honesty, voracity, and transparency, qualities which are not so readily apparent in any business. I consider him a good friend and, perhaps more importantly, a rare professional who views you as a person."

-Bill S.