How to Onboard Effectively


Hiring a new employee can be exciting and stressful for both the employer and the employee. This initial period it is important to onboard which means make sure that the new employee transitions easily into the company and the employer can assess if this is going to be a good match.

One of the best ideas when it comes to onboarding effectively is to have someone else who recently onboarded to assist the new hire. This will help eliminate a lot of simple problems that long-term employees would not anticipate because they are used to it. Where is the coffee pot? Is there a good restaurant nearby? Where should they park? Basic logistics of that particular workplace are second nature to those who have been there for a while.

Another advantage of having a recently onboarded employee help the newest hire is that they take on a peer advisor type role. They are not a mentor because they are someone who is not in a direct line of authority that can help assist with how to work in company culture. The culture is important, and a new hire will have questions that they are more comfortable to ask a peer rather than a boss.

Use this advice and you will see the results of more effective onboarding tactics.

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