Pay Attention Please!: Cognitive Quantification and Why It is so Important


Cognitive quantification is a fancy term for being able to know without a doubt that people are paying attention to what you are saying. Everyone has to give speeches, reports, presentations, or memos and we do not always know if we got the message across with communication. By practicing and understanding cognitive quantification, you can add a level of maturity to your communication that we need to achieve in order to analyze how much attention is necessary to get the point across; considering, that nobody will pay attention for more than a few minutes to ANYTHING without having to be pulled back in.

Some great examples of engaging communication skills come from professional speech writers. They know that it is necessary to use sound bites to lock down whatever point is being made and add a joke or other break in between points to keep an audience’s attention. Many times, these sound bites or jokes will be the only thing that people can remember, so they have to make them count. With careful consideration, you can get people to remember what communication you put forth.

This is so important in the business world because you will be sending important emails to employees, making presentations for clients, or interacting with the higher-ups and in every conversation, you want to be remembered. It does no one any good if an important memo is sent out and the email is so long that people do not read to the end to know the actual message. So, take a few minutes before your next meeting, you send a new email, or present and read it to quantify how long does someone need to pay attention to know what it is about. This will help you cut out any excess or negligible information to send out clear communications that anyone can read and comprehend.




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