Usually, the words “fun” and “resume” would never be combined unless you were a down-and-out clown looking to do some birthday parties. You don’t have to be in the entertainment industry to enjoy bulking up your resume while between jobs or with an eye towards a job switch.

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should be doing something while you’re out of work or between jobs. But what, exactly, is this something that would be so profitable? Here are some ideas to utilize that will not only look good on your resume but will also help you grow as a person and enjoy your life.

What’s more, many of these ideas are cheap or free and put you in the path of potential networking opportunities.

Learn a Language

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller, and many businesses are expanding to encompass global markets. Learning a language can be fun, but it can also be very valuable in business relations. Understanding a foreign culture or being able to communicate without an interpreter would be invaluable to a boss.

This also shows a commitment to a challenging task. It shows initiative on your part, but only if you stick with it.

Just be sure to communicate your level of fluency, you don’t want to find yourself over your head because your boss mistakenly believed you could speak Swahili without a hitch.

Participate in a Public Speaking or Acting Class

Both help to provide a certain level of comfortability when in front of groups. Being able to stand in front of a group and express your vision or your company’s goals in a clear, commanding way, is incredibly valuable. Take the opportunity to continue to build on your public speaking skills.

Try Something New

Consider the different fields or abilities that are in high-demand right now. If one of those interests you, think about taking a class on it. You never know when it may be beneficial to your employer. Or, try something seemingly fun or frivolous that doesn’t necessarily apply to your profession. Who knows, later on down the road you may find that exact skill coming in handy, and you’ll get to be the one to save the day.

Pursue What You Love

Do you have a hobby you enjoy? See if you can turn that into a business opportunity and make some money in the process. The initiative to take what you love and develop it into a profitable opportunity will stand out on your resume, even if it doesn’t pan out like you thought it might. Plus, in the process, you’ll probably find that you really enjoy spending more time pursuing that thing.


What do you know? Are you a marketing guru? Take that knowledge and help your favorite charity get their name out there in a better, more visible way. Whatever it is that you’re good at or have spent time doing, see if you can’t use it to help others out. Volunteering is good at any point in your career and benefits all involved. It’s especially good when you’re between jobs. It gives you something to do and it shows your future employer that you’re interested in the long-term.

You don’t have to use all of these ideas to see your resume grow. Pick a few and see where it goes. You’ll definitely have some fun and your future employer will appreciate the well-rounded employee you are and the unique skills you bring to their business.

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