How Business Owners Can Encourage Proactivity In The Workplace

Proactive employees are self-motivated and have a greater likelihood of solving problems before they even become problems or before they become bigger problems. This of course saves money, which is one of the reasons why companies hiring are looking for ways to encourage proactivity among their employees. Proactive employees are also typically happier because they […]

4 Ways To Keep Employee Morale High

Morale is one of those important pieces of a corporate culture that successful companies make sure to manage closely. A high morale means increased energy, productivity, profits, and more. A low morale means low energy, absenteeism, lower productivity, potential sabotage, and more. While every person may not be able to affect the morale of the […]

How to Get Candidates Excited for a Job

Not every banking or finance job, retail, compliance, medtech job is as exciting as being a skydiving instructor or ice cream taste tester, but each one is equally important in the function of our society, but how does one get a person excited for a job? When trying to onboard a candidate, it can feel […]

Four Ways to Reduce Employee Turn Over

Finding and hiring employees is a difficult and important process that every business has to go through in order to function. Since it is such an arduous task, it is important to do it right! That is why employee turnover can be so frustrating. After all of the work it takes to find, hire, and […]

Employers Home Testimonial

I have engaged Len Adams and his staff on many high level executive search assignments as well as middle level managerial and technical positions. They not only grasp the skills, knowledge and experience levels to fill a need, but they also understand the attitudes, habits and work ethic required for the right fit. I highly […]