Not every banking or finance job, retail, compliance, medtech job is as exciting as being a skydiving instructor or ice cream taste tester, but each one is equally important in the function of our society, but how does one get a person excited for a job? When trying to onboard a candidate, it can feel like a game of “who can offer the best deal”?

There comes a point where the amount of pay you can offer is out of your hands, so you have to look at other ways to entice a candidate. So, what do you do? With so many different recruiters, headhunters, job boards, etc., it can be overwhelming trying to outshine the competition. Before you freak out, here are a few tips on getting your candidate pumped about accepting and starting work at your company:

1. Present a welcoming environment
Nothing is more appealing than a kind and welcoming environment. Have you ever been to a party that was organized by a friend, but they were the only person that you knew was going to be there? You feel this anxiety walking in knowing that everyone has already met each other except for you. Then, there is the tendency to either walk up to people and try to force yourself into the conversation or sit of the couch and try to pretend you are having fun while groups are wandering around the room. That is a terrible feeling and you DO NOT want a new candidate feeling that way. Make sure that when they walk into the office that employees are friendly and at least try to make small talk.

2. Mention the perks outside of vacation days
Do not get me wrong, we all love vacation days; please do not take away our vacation days! I’m just saying that there is more to employee care than days off. Show candidates that your company cares about employees by catering a lunch once a month, organizing quarterly activities for employees and their families, etc. The happiest and hardest working employees are ones that feel that their employer recognizes and values the effort they put into their jobs.

3. Follow-up
I cannot begin to tell you how many candidates I have spoken to that tell me about how a recruiter called them about a job, sent in their application, and then never contacted them again. Then, in a few more weeks the same cycle repeats but with a different recruiter. The worst story I heard was when the same recruiter accidentally called the same candidate about the exact same position just a few weeks later. So, it is imperative that you follow-up in a manner that is pleasing and encourages the candidate to keep working with you.

How in the world can a candidate become excited about a job if the recruiter is not even motivated enough to call them about the application they sent in? Step up your game and call you potential candidate to catch up on how their job search is going, if they have any new interests they want to explore, or any information that is remotely pertinent to your relationship with them. People want to feel important and memorable so take advantage of that feeling and feed into it.

It is important to make every candidate feel special because they really are! Without candidates, you have no job, and then no employees to staff with your clients. Use these tips and try some of your own to find and catch your perfect candidate and get them excited about a job!