How to Get the Right Hire on the First Try

How to Get the Right Hire on the First Try   There is one thing you need to understand before reading this article; there is no guarantee that you will get the right hire on the first try. That being said, there are many tactics you can use to increase your odds on getting it […]

How to Onboard Effectively

How to Onboard Effectively   Hiring a new employee can be exciting and stressful for both the employer and the employee. This initial period it is important to onboard which means make sure that the new employee transitions easily into the company and the employer can assess if this is going to be a good […]

Importance of a Company Vision Statement 

Importance of a Company Vision Statement cannot be emphasized enough. It sets a clear path for the company’s direction A vision statement helps outline what the company sees for itself in the future, where they see the company going.   A vision statement is crucial for a company to help keep everyone involved focused on […]

How to Engage a Multigenerational Work Force

How to engage a multigenerational workforce is a very timely topic. The workforce is one of the first places that different generations interact in a team environment without as much emphasis placed on age. It is important to understand since the workers will come from different backgrounds, education levels, and generations that the manager or […]

Tips for minimizing workplace negativity

Negativity in the workplace is never good, but it happens all too often. Taking steps to avoid or resolve workplace negativity is crucial to your team’s survival. Here are six ways to reduce workplace negativity:

6 Characteristics of a strong corporate culture

6 Characteristics of a Strong Corporate Culture   All corporate organizations, big or small, has a culture. It is defined by it. Corporate culture gives identity to every organization. To be more precise: it is what gives a company its personality. Like an individual, a culture defines the way how your corporation interacts within itself […]

3 Reasons for Having an Employee Recognition Program

      The 3 reasons for having an employee recognition program are as follows In 2013, a poll conducted by Gallup found that 87 percent of workers surveyed in countries all over the world were disengaged with their jobs. Only the remaining 13 percent stated that they were satisfied with their jobs and felt […]

3 Common Motivators For Employees Outside of Money

3 Common Motivators For Employees Outside of Money Money is one of the biggest motivators to employees when finding a new job, but there are many other things that can motivate employees. Below are three things that can motivate employees more than money:   Experience Starting a new job can be a great feeling, but […]

Why happy employees are more engaged and productive

Why happy employees are more engaged and productive   Happiness is essential to workplace productivity. Being happy in your everyday life makes it more easy to engage at work because you do not have other troubling things on your mind. However, being happy at work can make employees more productive overall.   Employees are more […]

The Importance of the 5 Whys

The Importance of the 5 Whys If you have ever had something go wrong, then you have to fix it. What happens if something similar goes wrong? This means you never got to the root of your original problem. This can waste time and resources because to make a mistake once is a lesson if […]