Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office


Communication, or the lack thereof, within a company can lead to many issues. Lack of communication causes frustration with the team and causes the company to be less effective as a whole. Here are a few ways to better manage communication in the work place:


Have Regular Meetings to Discuss Happenings

Meeting with staff regularly to discuss problems and other happenings in the work place, will help keep everyone involved. Meeting not just one on one, but with everyone at once allows everyone to be involved in the conversation, keeping everyone equally informed. However, not all issues can be solved publicly.


Have An Open Door Policy

It’s one thing to tell employees that your door is always open, but actually following through with an open door policy is crucial in maintaining healthy communication in the workplace. Having an open door policy allows employees to come to you when something is bothering them, without having to air their grievances in front of other coworkers. This will overall make employees feel much more comfortable, making them more likely to communicate openly with you in the future.


Follow Through

When an employee communicates with you to let you know that something is wrong, is important that you take that communication seriously and follow through on coming up with a solution. The quickest way to lose the trust of employees and stifle future communication, is by not taking their complaints seriously and putting off handling things that are bothering them in the workplace. Even if you think a complaint may not be valid, you at least owe it to the employee to investigate their claim, so they know that you take what they have to say seriously.

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