Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office

Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office   Communication, or the lack thereof, within a company can lead to many issues. Lack of communication causes frustration with the team and causes the company to be less effective as a whole. Here are a few ways to better manage communication in the work place:   Have Regular […]

5 Tips For Building Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is critical in running a business, and it can change how employees interact with each other and with their employers. Below are five ways to build workplace etiquette to ensure everything runs smoothly: Make A Good First Impression Coming into a new workplace is difficult, you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know […]

Tips and Tricks for Noteworthy Presentations

Tips and Tricks for Noteworthy Presentations     There are many companies that teach seminars and even college credit classes focused on the topic of created a noteworthy presentation. For those of you who are still looking to improve, here are ten steps which, if followed, will get you 80% of the way to outstanding […]

Incorporating Self-Care into the Workplace

Incorporating Self-Care into the Workplace   Self-care has become a hot topic in the media as people are trying to be more intentional about taking care of their mental and physical health. It is both the right and the responsibility of the employee to take care of themselves, but employers can take steps to ensure […]

Making Connections: How to Effectively Network

Making Connections: How to Effectively Network     The first step in successful networking is identifying what you want in a connection; relationships take energy and you have to be willing to put in the effort into the connections which will make a difference. Be sure to spend some time and physically write down the […]


 First Day Prep for Candidates               Do not be late. Prove to yourself, your superiors and your fellow colleagues that you are serious about the role, the company, and the responsibilities. Showing up late will only result in disconnection between your peers and could result in more severe consequences. […]

Benefits of a Well-Done To-Do List

    Benefits of a Well-Done To-Do List There have been countless articles written about the power of a to-do list and creating tangible goals. With all of the focus and time spent on this topic, why do people still struggle to understand the power of a well-done to-do list? The reason is that people just […]

Three Tips to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers

        Three Tips to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers   Working in any job can be difficult but when adding in office politics, work can become almost impossible. Everyone has different personalities and it can be hard to navigate difficult coworkers on a daily basis. Here are three tips to help deal with […]

The 3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the work day actually increases productivity in the workplace by helping employees refocus their attention on the tasks at hand. Here are three ways to maximize the value of breaks to ensure increased productivity: 1.   Get Moving Sitting at a desk can get redundant, which allows you to lose focus of what […]

How to Create a Productive Workspace on a Limited Budget

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS All business organizations know how important it is to have productive employees. Productive companies have healthy and energized employees and they are always the basis of a successful organization. Getting ahead means that a company needs to maintain a productive team. The workplace contributes a lot to employees’ productivity. Projects […]