Your boss has a lot going on, whether it’s managing people or responding to those who are in charge higher up. With all that going on, there are things they want you to be doing that they might not express. Here are five actions that will make your boss glad that they hired you.


Your boss is going to have projects that many probably aren’t going to want to be involved in because they see no benefit to themselves. Rise above this mentality of self-seeking and volunteer to help your boss out. Remember that they’re a person too, and as such, they have bosses that they answer to. Show some camaraderie in assisting your boss. This can also benefit you because their estimation of you will instantly go up. Next time there’s a job opening further up, they’ll also remember your initiative and willingness to work on projects that were outside of your job description.


When your boss presents an idea, look for ways that you agree or how it could be beneficial. You may not think the whole idea is the best, but there will be parts that you can get on board with. Reinforce those first, then later on, address your concerns with him or her. The best way to present those, however, is sandwiching them between compliments on the better parts of the idea.

On the other side of that, don’t be afraid to disagree with your boss. You weren’t hired to nod along with everything your boss says. Be willing to express your different opinion or opposing viewpoint in a respectful way that will result in a better project overall.


An employee taking initiative and getting things done without the boss having to get on their back…now that’s a person the boss would love to have work for them. When you see something that needs to be done, do it! Don’t wait around for your boss to have to ask you or another employee. If you’re not sure about it, then you can ask. Most managers would agree, they would rather have someone who would take the initiative and not get it 100% right than to have someone who never made the effort at all.


This one covers a few different subjects. First, ask if your boss needs your help with anything. They may or may not, but offering your assistance is a good way to show that you want them to be successful too. You don’t want them to think that you don’t think them capable, so don’t overdo this one. When the time is right, feel free to ask how you can help them.

Be willing to ask how they think you can improve. Your boss will love an employee who is willing to take constructive criticism and let it change how they do things. Use this to measure how you’re doing in your work projects, with your coworkers, etc. Just be willing to think about what they say and apply what fits. Nothing is more annoying than someone asking for advice and then never following through.


Don’t keep playing the pass-the-blame game. If something happened that shouldn’t have, and you were at fault, own up to that. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you, be willing to take ownership for your mistakes. This shows that you’re responsible, and if your attitude is humble, that you’re also willing to learn from them. No one likes to make errors, but we all do. How you respond after you do is very important and will stand out to your boss.

Keep working on these five things, and your boss will definitely be glad that you’re on their team. Rise above those around you who are only interested in their own careers and strive to be a team player, your boss included in that team.

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