How to Hire Top Talent and Rise Above Your Competitors

Big companies get first pick on the best talent for their insurance jobs, don’t they? They can offer bigger salaries, and insurance candidates want the great name on their resume and access to a wider network.

What chance does a smaller company have when competing against large corporations for talented candidates?

Smaller businesses hold a bigger stance than you think. According to SBA, small businesses constitute 99.9% of US businesses and employ 47.1% of US employees. You are the lifeblood of the American economy.

Further, you offer more to the most talented insurance candidates than you think. Here, we show you how to give big corporations a run for their money and hire the best talent in the business.

Ways to Hire Top Talent

Hiring the most talented candidates will allow your company to not only respond to the impact Covid had on the industry, but also recover, thrive, and emerge stronger than your competitors. Here are some of the most effective ways to source and sign the talent you need.

1.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find top talent, and to target passive candidates. With work, you could connect with perfect candidates. But there’s the crux. It’s hard work that requires commitment and persistence to send lots of very targeted messages and maintain communication.

2.     Your Company Website

Great candidates research great companies. Your website is your shop window that has the power to encourage – or prevent – the best people from coming in. Keep your website attractive, motivating, exciting, and industry-progressive, with clear indications of your winning company culture and vision.

3.     Your Professional Network

Connections are key to discovering talent. Your company must invest time and resources into getting in front of people – such as at job fairs and big industry events – and dedicating ongoing resources to remain connected.

4.     Developing a Talent Pool

Your talent pool can consist of excellent ex-employees, people who aren’t ready to move companies, or even candidates who didn’t quite make it through your last hiring campaign. Keep them on ice and never burn bridges. Again, connectivity is key.

5.     Employee Referrals

Your best employees will know other likeminded talent. By offering an incentivized referral scheme, you’re opening a channel that links you to potential new recruits with a good reference. A cost-effective strategy, though it won’t always bear fruit when you need it.

6.     Offer More Money

To be a winning employer that attracts the best talent, you must offer a competitive salary. Ensure your rate of pay is at least on par with your competitors for the role. Suggest a salary progression structure that a candidate can work toward.

But be cautious: those who are easily swayed by a high salary alone may easily be lured by competitors in the future.

7.    Your Ultimate Solution: Hire a Specialist Staffing Agency

Partnering with a specialist staffing agency – like ACG Resources – covers all these candidate sourcing strategies for you aggressively and effectively. We have the connections, and they’re already nurtured. We learn about your culture, and promote it to our developed talent pool. We know how much you should be offering, and provide the negotiating expert advice that can help you stand strong against your competition.

In a competitive market, we help you stand out. We sell your vacancy to the candidate, matching their wants and needs to yours.

Critically, we also give your company’s candidate search a personal touch to hire top talent. We know our candidates, what makes them tick, and what their goals are. Now all we need is to learn about you.

Contact ACG Resources today and tell us about you – who you are, and who you need to onboard to excel – and you can enjoy the incredible benefits of a talented and powerful staffing team.

With a huge database of reliable and qualified candidates, available on various contracts to suit your business needs for maximum cost-effectiveness, we can help you stand tall above the big corporations.