Expert Tips for Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits Package

You’ve been interviewing for fintech jobs, and have received an offer. But it’s not quite as good as you had hoped.

If you want to accelerate your career in fintech jobs, you must start off on the right foot. This can be tough if negotiating an offer isn’t your bag.

Here are the tips to ensure you negotiate the very best offer possible.

7 Negotiating Tips

Here are the seven negotiating tips we consider when we help our skilled candidates with their job offers:

1.     Know Your Worth in the Market

Knowing how much you’re worth to the fintech industry will stand you in a strong position to negotiate. Do your research, and check out some salary sites such as PayScale and This will help you gauge a base figure to work from. Of course, your level of experience, location, and unique skillset will affect this figure, but the main goal here is to ensure you’re not left vulnerable to accepting a lowball offer.

Your best bet? Get in touch with a specialist agency like ACG Resources. We know the banking and finance industry like the back of our hands, and can tell you how much you should be expecting.

2.     Know What Is Most Important to You

Don’t assume salary is the key to your professional happiness. Take a moment and think what will help you enjoy your career. As well as salary, consider:

  • Start date
  • Vacation/PTO
  • Relocation expenses
  • Memberships, association dues, subscriptions
  • Signing bonus, bonuses
  • Laptop, mobile phone, home office technology
  • Auto (car, mileage)
  • Flex-time/job share schedule/Work from Home
  • Training/re-certification costs
  • Stock options

Put your proposition forward. Explain to employers why certain elements are important to you. Help them understand how it will make a difference to your career with them.

3.     Negotiate at the Right Time: After You Receive an Offer

You may be keen to start talking compensation details, but don’t attempt to negotiate too soon. Firstly, you may inadvertently lower what the employers were going to offer you! Secondly, attempting to negotiate before you have been made an offer is unprofessional. Instead, show them your worth to their business, then wait.

With research on your worth and an understanding of what you should expect, you can evaluate a job offer from a knowledgeable, professional, and confident position.

4.     Don’t Make Demands

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t make demands when negotiating a job offer. It can lead to tension or disagreement with the employer and might cause them to rescind their offer. You may also find yourself in a situation where you would feel pressured to take any offer, even if it doesn’t fit your needs and career goals.

A demanding candidate can raise red flags to employers, and you could lose out on a great job entirely. Good research and knowledge for a fair offer will ensure you can confidently and professionally leave your cards on the table.

5.     Focus on Benefits to the Employer

It’s not all about the benefits the employer can offer you; it’s about what you offer their company. What makes you valuable to them? Why should they dig a little deeper for you to sign a contract? What could they be missing out on if they don’t offer you a fair and competitive package? Put the ball in their court. Promote your unique selling points, and allow them to come to the ‘buying decision’.

6.     Be Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to negotiating. Again, this boils down to knowing your worth and value to employers. Yes, it can be daunting – but if you want to be satisfied in your fintech job, you must begin on the right foot. Be confident in yourself, and employers will be, too.

7.     Be Prepared to Walk Away

You have followed all the above tips, but the employer is not budging. What do you do now? If you’re not happy before you’ve even started, you’ll unlikely enjoy a career with unfair and undervaluing employers. Don’t be afraid to walk away. Pass up on their proposition. There’ll be another, more rewarding and reflective opportunity soon. An offer from an employer who can see your worth and be willing to reward it fairly.

Let the Experts Help You Negotiate the Best Fintech Jobs Offer

Hopefully, these tips will reset your approach to negotiating the best job offer. The thing is, you’re not a salesperson and negotiating just isn’t your thing; but for this moment in your career it must be. Great news – we’re here to fight your corner.

At ACG Consulting, we take the emotion out of negotiating for our candidates. We know what the market is offering, and what you’re worth. We also have the experience and technique to get the best offer for you, to ensure both you and your new employer begin a partnership on strong foundations. Submit your resume today and let us help you accelerate your fintech career now.