Everyone knows that no one is perfect. Humans are naturally flawed and when a lot of humans are brought together in a workplace it typically creates some friction because again, no one is perfect. But every team, group, department, etc, at companies across the nation have that one person with so many bad workplace habits that everyone is counting down the days until that one person gets fired. In the movies the other employees even start “pools” by betting when that day will be. You don’t want to be that person, right? Check out this article to make sure you don’t have any of these bad workplace habits.
A lack of communication or poor communication is the top bad workplace habit cited by consultants and HR experts over and over again. Communication is so universally important that it is hard to find a position or industry where a lack of communication or poor communication does not cause problems quickly. This bad workplace habit wastes time, causes frustration between and among work teams, and frequently leads to mistakes (which frequently costs money). Companies hate all of these things. If you find yourself receiving feedback from multiple sources that you need to speed up your response time to modes of communication used in your workplace, don’t pay attention when others try to communicate with you, or often find yourself in arguments with coworkers, it is advisable you do some research on how to improve your communication.
A key component in any workplace is actually showing up to do the work of course. Another bad workplace habit that immediately causes problems in just about every industry is absenteeism/tardiness. Employees and supervisors typically understand that sometimes there will be things that happen over which you have no control because those types of things happen to everyone. Traffic delays, inclement weather, malfunctioning technology, etc, can strike at any time. In the case of traffic delays, the roads have become so congested that they are nearly nonstop and it’s practically an art form guessing just how much the traffic delay will be for any given trip. The key with all of the above is making sure they do not occur too frequently, especially as it compares to other employees at a company.
The last bad workplace habit we’re going to talk about is negativity. Consultants and HR experts have decades of feedback from employees and supervisors, plus tons of research, that all point to one thing: nobody likes negativity; in the workplace or at home. Negativity causes a whole host of problems and has a direct impact on morale. The tricky thing is that some people don’t even realize their being negative. Other times there are situations in which it is completely natural to react negatively. Keeping the negativity to a minimum and practicing being more positive will pay big dividends for almost everyone.