Selling is generally regarded as one of the most persuasive forms of promotion a company deploys. Persuading prospective clients to make purchases is the ultimate goal of a sales employee, department, or maybe even the whole company if it specializes in sales. While the ultimate goals of other departments may vary, some business analysts say that almost all of their missions ultimately feed into sales department. That is because few companies that can’t get their sales off the ground last very long; sales are the lifeblood of businesses. Sales is typically also a high-pressure part of any company, so providing an adequate amount of resources to sales representatives can be make or break. Read on for some known and maybe lesser-known benefits of sales training.

The first benefit is the increased likelihood of more closed deals. Instead of wasting time and energy on inefficient or ineffective processes, sales representatives can close more deals with the processes picked up from a good sales training course. Sales is much less about re-inventing the wheel than it is about using the most efficient and effective methods for any given industry. This is typically more of a sticking point for new sales representatives than experienced ones, but even the latter can experience tunnel vision or burnout; and can use a good sales training course.

The next benefit is higher employee retention. Across industries, the turnover in sales departments is higher than most other departments because of the high-pressure nature of the art of sales. That pressure can be alleviated when sales representatives know that the company is there for them and investing in them. Sales training not only gives representatives the skills to be better at sales, but it also fosters a supportive environment where they will have confidence to succeed and grow with the company.

A huge part of sales is addressing customer needs. The best sales representatives have the vision to see what the customers’ needs are, whether or not the customer knows what they are or not; sometimes they think they do but for whatever reason it turns out they don’t). Sales training help representatives improve in this aspect of sales to where they are not only closing more deals, but customers are more satisfied than ever!

Lastly, planning ahead is as important when it comes to sales as it is in any other part of a business. Sales training allows sales representatives and their supervisors predict both long-term and short-term sales results; this translates into better business decisions and more realistic goals.