By: Career Personnel

Use of illegal drugs is dangerous in all aspects of society. Illicit drug use can cause harm to everyone not just to the user, but also the people who are involved with them. Substance use and abuse are notably harmful in the workplace. Apart from the fact that it can place the efficiency and profits of the business into scrutiny, it can also put detrimental harm onto employees. It is important for companies to implement methods and policies that are able to test for illicit drug abuse and approaches to pursue a drug-free working environment.

There are numerous companies that call for drug tests and screening for new employees. These companies also issue contracts that when they are hired, they agree to undergo random drug testing whenever it is requested. Conducting drug tests for background screening and retesting are the best methods to enhance workplace security. Companies also have to impose policies on their drug testing. Legalization of drugs can vary from state to state making the policies to need to be compliant with local regulations.

When an employee uses illegal or unprescribed drugs, it is more likely that they will be less productive than their peers who do partake in drugs. Most illegal drugs take a toll on a persons’ decision-making, reaction time, and even behavior. When companies instill drug testing policies, this encourages employees not to abuse drugs during work hours and even in their own home. Avoiding drugs will help employees in completing their tasks properly and risk-free.

Another importance of having drug testing policies is that it protects the company and their clients. When a person is hired, the company is liable for their safety. It is up for the company to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace. Drugs in the workplace do not only endanger the user, but also to their peers, clients, and even their superiors.

Everyone can contribute to the fight against drug abuse. For businesses who have numerous personalities working for them, this is a huge responsibility to carry. Imposing proper rules and policies against drug testing help in uplifting employee health and company development. Whenever companies employ people who are clean from illegal drugs, they are keeping drugs away from the area and at the same time help the community away from any drug-related crime.

Proper drug testing policies establish grounds of legality wherein companies can justly conduct drug tests on their employees. These policies give a clear account to what goes on in drug testing. Usually, these tests are conducted by a separate licensed party, an independent medical clinic or laboratory, which follows the standards established by the state laws and government. These third parties ensure the privacy of employee identity and protection against tampering of test results. Companies usually pay for the testing procedures. Drug tests usually take place during working hours and participants are compensated for their time with the usual rates.

Company policy on drug testing does not only stop there. When an employee tests positive that he or she is using any illegal drugs, then they are given choices. Either they agree to enter a licensed rehabilitation program approved by the company and agree for a retesting after the end of rehabilitation or the employee will be terminated at once with no chance of being rehired.

The drug testing policy of companies shows how they show effort and concern in the welfare of their staff and clients. Combating prevalence of illegal drugs does not only work with the authority, but also to businesses. Through these policies, companies can implement a healthy environment that does not need substances to perform well.

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