The importance of cybersecurity is expected by business leaders and experts to be going nowhere but up. Research and surveys on the topic reveal a 26% rise in ransomware attacks, 88% of companies experiencing some form of email spoofing, and a majority of organizations being subject to social engineering attacks. The continued proliferation of the Internet can make life easier but it also makes security a growing concern. The tool(s) a company uses to protect itself from attacks/threats is extremely important because the consequences are very real and severe. This article will highlight the best cybersecurity solutions available today.
SolarWinds is a network and host intrusion detection system that performs real-time monitoring, responding, and reporting of security threats. It is a scalable solution and cloud-based which are two of the reasons it has become so widely adopted by companies across many industries (and even agencies within federal, state, and local governments).
Acunetix stands out from the crowd because it can be installed on premise in addition to having a cloud solution available. Acunetix is specialized for securing websites, web applications, and APIs. It can be configured for both incremental as well as full scans via an intuitive, lightning-fast console. Acunetix has a high level of integration with other cybersecurity solutions.
SanerNow provides an advanced vulnerability management solution that helps achieve compliance with various requirements for cyber attack prevention. It integrates vulnerability assessment with instant remediation via one stylish console. It can also scan for misconfigurations with application settings, in an automated fashion. It is designed to help with patch management and help reduce the attack surface that can be utilized by security threats.
Invicti can help developers make sure applications, and their underlying code, are secure before they are even deployed and available to customers and clients. This product is typically geared toward large companies that generate a lot of code for various applications during a standard SDLC. It combines signature-based and behavior-based testing features. Invicti helps companies have complete visibility into their web apps so that they can know for sure they are doing everything possible to reduce risk of compromise.
Perimeter 81 is a cybersecurity solution that focuses on network security (instead of host security). It has an impressive array of features and tools to keep companies safe such as device security posture checking, web filtering, and multi-factor authentication. It secures network traffic across all environments via a firewall as a service.
While these are some of the best cybersecurity tools available today, cybersecurity experts wonder what the tools will look like in the near future as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more integrated into such tools.