How To Reduce Office Turnover

Office turnover rates are one of the biggest issues in the common

workplace, but employee retention doesn’t have to be so hard.

Here are 7 ways to reduce employee turnover and overall make

employees much happier

1. Hire Better Employees

It all starts with hiring better employees. If you discuss the position in the interview and the interviewee does not seem all that interested, they’re probably not, so move on to the next candidate. If you hire employees who are not excited about the company and the opportunity, then they likely won’t be there long and they definitely won’t be the right fit for what you need. 2. Make Sure The Team “Fits”

If you do end up hiring an employee and discover that they aren’t the right fit, don’t hesitate to let them know. This employee will either work harder to be what the company needs, or it will become necessary that they part ways. A more cohesive team works better together and is more likely to stick around for the long run. 3. Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

As much as an employee may long a certain company or job, it is increasingly necessary in today’s economy to go where the money takes you. Therefore, offering competitive pay and a variety of medical and other benefits will ensure employee retention. 4. Foster Team Building

The team may be together all the time at work, but how much do they really know about each other? Bonding outside of the workplace can be crucial to allow the team to bond with one another. With the team more bonded, people will feel more like they belong and they will be less likely to start looking for somewhere new.

  1. Recognize and Reward Hard Work

If an employee does a great job on their task, let them know. Rewards don’t always have to be promotions or pay raises, a simple congratulations can go a long way to boost morale and make an employee feel better about the company and the individuals that they are working for. 6. Be Compassionate, Be Flexible

Some employees have families or other outside commitments that they need to tend to, remember this. Expecting long hours and denying off requests from employees is not the way to make anyone happy. Be flexible, if someone needs to take a day off because their child is in a play that they need to go see, be open to working with them. This doesn’t have to mean let anyone take off whenever they want with no notice, but being willing to be flexible with employees from time to time will mean a lot to them. 7. Allow Advancement Opportunities

No one wants to work at a company long term if they know that they will never advance. Offering employees the opportunity to move up within the company is a great way to ensure employees stay on long term to see what could come of their hard work.

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