Termination should not be the first thing to come to mind when an employee is not entirely working out, but sometimes it does become necessary. When termination is the only option, make sure to handle the situation properly: Document Everything If you’re continually having to correct the same behaviors, you need to have a record showing this. The first time should be just a warning, but it should still be properly documented for future reference. Enforce Disciplinary Action Simply warning employees and then letting the situation go is not enough. It is important to set goals for improvement and follow through with the necessary steps to improve employee behavior. Investigate The Issue Before terminating an employee, be sure to fully investigate the issue to ensure that you have done everything you can to improve the situation. Termination should always be a last choice, so being sure that you have done everything you can to prevent it is ideal. Be Brief But Thorough If termination is the only option, be sure to not sugar coat. Tell the employee what led to this moment and why it is best that they part ways with the company. Also, be sure that you have filled out all the proper paperwork to ensure the termination is fully complete and legal.