Keeping employees interested in their daily routines can be difficult. After doing the same activities daily, people tend to become less engaged in their responsibilities. Here are some ways to keep employees interested and engaged: Encourage Creativity Being forced to carry out tasks in the same manner every day creates a monotonous environment for your employees, this will lower engagement and make it harder to find employees willing to take on extra tasks. Encourage your employees to be creative with their workspace, projects they’re working on, or how they tackle tasks. The more creative your employees can be, the more likely they are to engage in the workplace and volunteer for any extra assignments. Decorate Many workplaces are devoid of décor and are painted in the simplest way to avoid distractions, unfortunately for employers this can backfire. Drab surroundings leave employees unmotivated, adding plants can avoid this lull by keeping employees focused on their tasks. Plants also remove bacteria and dust from the air, creating a cleaner environment. Recognize Success When employees feel as if their work is not being noticed, they tend to become disengaged with their tasks. Employers can help keep employees engaged by recognizing when they make a vital addition to a project, take a leadership role, or just have a good work ethic for a difficult task. Employers can recognize employees through personalized emails or just thanking them for their addition to the team. Keep Busy Most employees prefer to stay busy through their entire shift rather then being bored. Staying busy tends to make time go by faster, this helps cut out days beginning to feel monotonous which will help employees stay interested longer.