Remote employees can be a great addition to any team, but they may not be the best fit for every employer. Here are some pros and cons of hiring remote employees: Pros: Find Better Employees There may not be someone exactly right for your position where you’re located, so making the position remote can help you find someone better fit for the job. Hiring remote employees allows you to get someone who is the best fit for what your company needs. Retain Better Employees Employees are happier when they’re given to the freedom to work when and where they want, so they will be more likely to stay in the position longer than your average employee. Lower Costs Remote employees cost less to employ and maintain than on site employees. Their expenses are overall lower and you save more on not having to provide extra insurance and on site equipment as they provide all of that themselves. Cons: Minimal Face to Face Interaction One downside of remote employees is how little you get to see and interact with them. It’s harder to check in regularly and see how projects are going when employees are not in office, as you have to contact them through email or phone rather than simply visiting their office. Team Challenges Having remote employees makes teamwork more difficult as one part of the team is harder to get into contact with. It also makes keeping the team together more difficult as they would not be able to participate in team building or other office activities.