First Day Prep for Candidates

Do not be late. Prove to yourself, your superiors and your fellow colleagues that you are serious about the role, the company, and the responsibilities. Showing up late will only result in disconnection between your peers and could result in more severe consequences. Aim to be as early as possible. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared. We encourage all of our candidates to approach the first day like another interview. It’s much better to overdress than the opposite. After the first day, you should have a clearer picture of the working atmosphere and more importantly, the acceptable business attire.


With any new position, questions and concerns will certainly arise. In this regard, we strongly encourage you to ask away. On one hand, it shows a strong level of curiosity and desire to learn the position’s fundamentals, as well as the culture of the company.  From a personal perspective, it will make your job transition much less of hassle. However, understand that there is a time to listen, and a time for input. During the initial days of employment, be sure to listen and gather as much information as possible.


It’s important to remember that your background and experience landed you the role in the first place. The company is well aware of your capabilities. However, only you truly know your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we strongly suggest creating a pre-planned set of questions ready to be asked to your manager/superior. Clarification and confidence is the key!


Throughout your first day (and the first week for that matter), be sure to mingle and introduce yourself to your fellow colleagues. Do not be afraid/intimidated to discuss your background, intentions, etc. Establishing early camaraderie is key for any successful team to flourish. Be sure to keep an open mind.

If invited to lunch, we strongly encourage you to attend to get to know your fellow workers. What better way to introduce yourself!


Most likely you have heard of the “elevator-pitch.” We strongly encourage you to prepare a short bio to memory as a way of formally introducing yourself and your background. This can serve as a great ice-breaker.






Over the course of the week, really crunch down on the business practices and how decisions are made. Understand the culture, what is acceptable, and how your actions apply (and follow), company policies.


Company policy is extremely important and directly relates to all business functions. If still unclear, don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for further clarification. Odds are, advice will be given to those who ask.




 We’re Here to Help!

Again, congratulations on your new position. If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 212-566-7600. We pride ourselves on our ever-growing working relationships with both our candidates and clients. We assure you, our business relationship will not end here.


Best of luck!