3 ways to become a better leader

Leading a team or even just a few individuals takes practice, here are 3 tips that make being a better leader just a little easier:


Be A Good Role Model

Employees notice when their leaders follow their own rules, and they notice even more when they don’t, so being a good role model for your employees is crucial in leading a team. It is not possible to lead a team through words alone. If you just tell your employees how you want them to act or what you want them to do, they will not know exactly what you’re hoping for. However, if you model the tasks and behaviors you want your employees to follow, then they will be encouraged to act more like you and follow your lead.


Encourage Creativity

Allowing your employees the creative freedom they desire will not only allow them to do their tasks more efficiently and at a higher quality, but it will also make them more excited about their job. When employees know that you will allow them the freedom they need to do their job, they will be more likely to want to follow you on future projects. Being a leader is not just about delegating tasks, but it also about trusting your employees to do what they need to to complete their assigned tasks.



Communicating with employees is by far the most important part about being a leader. Simply communicating effectively with your team makes it much easier to leave them  and it makes them much more likely to actually want to follow you. Communicating with your team doesn’t mean just telling them your expectations, it means being open and honest with them when things go right, and even when they don’t.

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