How to Leave Giant Footprints in MedTech with the Skills Your Business Needs

MedTech jobs can be challenging to hire for. You want and need to hire talented candidates for your organization to excel. But how can you possibly, when FAANG companies keep hiring the best candidates?

You mustn’t settle for a poor hire – it can cost you up to 30% of that hire’s first-year earnings. These costs are the last thing you need if you want to compete with the biggest companies.

Here, we show you how to stand your ground in the tech hiring world, and discover savvy talent who know where best to thrive in MedTech jobs.

Why It Is Hard to Compete with FAANG Companies

The FAANG companies – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google – are the tech giants, and among the world’s best-known organizations.

The first thing to understand is that these companies have a lot of money on their hands. They can afford to pay top dollar for skilled staff, as well as provide benefits that are hugely attractive on multiple levels. Such packages are difficult for smaller companies to match. On top of this, FAANG companies have many locations globally, with a greater local reach that can house attractively diverse and innovative workforces.

This means that any company seeking skilled workers has a huge uphill battle when competing against FAANGs.

5 Tips to Hire Ahead of FAANG Companies

Being a giant in tech isn’t always a good thing. Sure, they have huge advantages in hiring talent for MedTech jobs – but the most talented candidates aren’t daft, either. They want many things your organization can offer. Here are some great tips for smaller companies to win their fair share of talent:

1.     Target the Right People

Many candidates thrive within smaller-sized companies. As technology grows and becomes more accessible, people start to feel that bigger companies are becoming more monopolistic.

This monopolistic nature can make large companies less attractive for some workers. They are not as interested in big perks and salaries, as they are in team spirit, responsibility, and the feeling they are making a personal difference to a team and organization. The recognition and appreciation that often gets swamped amongst hordes of employees in FAANG companies.

This is your target candidate audience.

2.     Be the Company Your Target Candidates Want to Join

Now you know what type of employee will be attracted to you, it’s time to map out a way to draw them in. You must show that you are the type of employer they would love working for. You are innovative, supportive, and focused. There are many ways to communicate this, including:

  • Social media presence, and how you appear to passive candidates
  • Celebrating personal achievements of your employees
  • Promoting employee testimonials
  • Emphasizing your focus on career progression, and the finances and resources you have in place
  • Knowing your specialty – your vision and uniqueness that makes you an exciting and different career path
  • Being personable – reflecting your culture of community and understanding of individual personal lives

3.     Provide Opportunities to Progress and Develop

The most talented candidates want room to breathe, create, and progress. Ensure you emphasize your focus on individual career progression with regular informal and formal catch-ups to discuss how your employees feel, and how training is provided and catered for. Invite their ideas and creativity, losing the authoritarian approach that often overrules the consensus of autonomy in bigger companies.

4.     Provide a Great Candidate Experience

If you have talent in your hiring process, look after them. It’s their insight into how you treat employees. Make sure you:

  • Always communicate – never keep them in the dark
  • Act swiftly – with prompt scheduling
  • Have a welcoming yet expert hiring team
  • Welcome them into the team immediately
  • Ask them how you can help them

Treat your candidates like clients and make and ensure that a strong, welcoming, and supportive network encourages them to stay.

5.     Be Flexible in the Job Offer

Not every candidate wants the same from a job offer. One fantastic candidate may want a little flexibility or a hybrid work schedule, while another strongly desires financial support with career progression and training. Another may feel comforted with wellbeing support, or stock options. Ask them. Make them feel unique, and create a package that’s personal.

In short, center your whole approach on the candidate, and what they bring to the table, how they will positively impact your business, and their development. Let them understand that with you they will not be treated as a number in an overblown workforce.

Get Ahead and Hire First

These tips will promote you as an incredible employer for talent to be attracted to. We’ve seen it happen. We put it into practice every day, for our many loyal and satisfied clients and candidates.

At ACG Resources, we wrap all these tips into one mastered service that sees exceptional talent confidently walking away from potential and current FAANG jobs and into yours. Contact ACG Resources today and see how we can make a difference to your workforce and stance in the tech world.