How To Reach Passive Job Seekers


Active job seekers are people that are actively looking for jobs, reaching out to employers and filling out applications, while passive job seekers just look around without ever applying for anything or making contact with employers. While active job seekers may be the only candidates you hear from, they still may not be exactly what you’re looking for, so it is important to target candidates with the skills and qualifications that you are looking for so you can reach out to them personally.


The best way to reach out to passive job seekers is through email; everyone has one, everyone checks it. Start by sending out a personalized email to any and all candidates that you are interested in, tell them why you reached out to them and what you think makes them stand apart from those that have reached out to you. Not only will being pursued by a job make them feel good about the company and the opportunity, but it will make them feel good about themselves, and everyone wants to work at a company that makes them feel good.


Now that you’ve piqued their interest, start selling the company and the job opportunity. People don’t want seasonal employment that will only last them a few months before they have to start their search all over again, so sell them a long term opportunity. Tell them about benefits and chance for promotion and improvement within the company. Passive job seekers are not quick to jump on just any job opportunity, so discuss with them the career path that they have always wanted to follow and talk to them about how your company can help them get there.


Now, you have thoroughly covered all sides of the opportunity, and you have likely convinced even the most reserved of passive job seekers; but it is important to know that your job doesn’t end there. Be persistent, follow through. Even if you have answered all of their questions and negated all of their worries, you still have to continue to follow up with the candidate until the deal is sealed, or it may just slip through the cracks.

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