Companies of all shapes and sizes outsource the cleaning of the office/workspace to a cleaning service. There are many reasons for this, the first of which being that it gives back time for companies to spend more time on their core mission/business purpose instead of cleaning. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us this service has never been more important. Chances are you have seen signs at various buildings you have been to that give information about additional cleaning steps being taken to reduce the possibility of transmitting the disease. For those businesses that are finally moving back into the office after working from home for over a year that did not have a relationship with a cleaning service before, how do they find one? This article will seek to give tips for doing just that.
It may be old-fashioned and a little low-tech but the first tip is to as for recommendations from other businesses similar to yours in the area. In their evaluation of the cleaning service they use, keep an ear out for compliments related to quality and reliability. Companies who focus on price first and foremost can be in for a rude awakening later on. It is optimal to ask other companies with similar workplaces to yours because then the odds will be much greater that the cleaning service will be able to meet expectations of cleaning your office. Cleaning a dentist’s office is much different than cleaning a gas station, for example. Follow up on these recommendations online by visiting the various review-oriented websites for such professional services.
Whether it’s a cleaning service that has been recommended to you or one your company has found itself, always make sure to do your due diligence to make sure there are no security issues. A company that skips that part leaves itself open to risks like having a cleaning service that was not insured when it accidentally broke an expensive piece of equipment while cleaning or had no real way of being contacted after some valuable materials go missing after a routine cleaning. If your office building has additional security, entry/exit protocols, confirm with the cleaning company that their personnel would not run into any problems.
Similar to your own employees, safety has to be the highest priority. Talk to the company about its safety record and rules while explaining clearly your company’s own expectations. This information, along with the details of how often and what types of cleanings will take place (deep cleaning, surface cleaning, etc), should all be in the signed contract between your company and the cleaning service you choose.