Computers (desktops and laptops) have been around for a number of decades and have long cemented themselves as a staple in people’s personal and professional lives. The computers themselves are of course useless without the applications that actually run on them (via the operating systems) which people use to do whatever they want to do. What is less certain, especially for people who do not keep up with the latest technological trends, is the viability of mobile applications (apps). These are the versions of applications that run on mobile devices like tablets and phones. Is the hype about mobile apps for real?
In a word, the answer is yes. Mobile devices have not been around as long as laptops and desktops but their explosion in growth has shown that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. What is more telling is that survey after survey of how people spend their time shows that many people actually spend more time on their mobile devices than a desktop or laptop. This is especially true for people with very active lives or who travel for work.
Another reason the hype about mobile apps is real is the average salary for mobile app developers, which is comfortably in the 6-figure range. This is partly due to the comparatively smaller number of people who have the skills to develop mobile apps but partly due to the value the market clearly sees in mobile apps themselves. As mentioned before, it’s where the attention is for many consumers at the moment, especially for Apple iOS and Samsung Android devices.
Mobile apps not only provide a presence on a highly-utilized computing platform but (assuming they work properly) they add a level of convenience that is becoming more and more the standard. Not too long ago it would be mind-blowing to think of starting to type up a text document on your computer but then be able to finish it on a mobile device like a tablet while riding the bus. But that convenience is now here thanks to technologies like the Internet and cloud computing.
Mobile app development is not known for being inexpensive but again, the value is there. For companies who want to develop a mobile app but do not have the in-house expertise to do so, working with a staffing or recruiting agency is an option to find such expertise quickly. Some staffing agencies specialize in candidates with mobile app development experience and can even offer candidate services on a per-contract basis instead of permanently.