There are Common Myths about Project Management The Process of Project Management is one that many employees don’t see the value of and often dread. Here are some common myths about project management and why they aren’t true:


Leaders Never Help

Employees often believe that project managers are just there to be your boss while your boss is busy, but that’s not the case; project managers are there because they have previously been in projects as a follower and they have proven that they have what it takes to lead.  Project managers do much more than just double check your work, they delegate, plan, and pursue the project so that all of the work that everyone else does can come together in the end to make a presentable finished project.  They do the behind the scenes work that makes the whole thing possible.


Every Project is Worth Pursuing

Just because you begin a project and put a lot of work into it, does not necessarily mean that it must end in a finished product. It is okay to admit that something is not working, actually it is better to admit when something is not working, instead of following through with a bad idea and allowing a poor final product to be put out under your company’s name.  This is another reason that planning before you even begin working on a project is a good idea, so that you don’t waste too much of your time on something that won’t work.


There Is No Room For Change, Policies Are Policies

Just because something has always been done a certain way and there may be a policy or template in place, does not mean that your boss is not open to suggestions for improvement.  If you have a skill that you believe can help get the job done better or more efficiently than the previously set policy/template, then pitch your idea.  Come up with a short pitch, include some visuals to help your boss better see your idea, and then pitch your idea, let your talents shine, while also improving the company.


Just Get It Done, Forget The Extra Steps

Many employees believe that the whole point of projects is just to get it done, the process is all that matters, the extra steps to double check your work aren’t necessary; but they are. It is important to fully plan out a project before you begin, this can ensure that the project will actually be able to come to fruition without putting all of the work in.  After the project is done, it is also equally as important to double, or even triple, check your work both for accuracy, and to ensure that it meets your company’s standards.