4 Ways To Keep Employee Morale High

Morale is one of those important pieces of a corporate culture that successful companies make sure to manage closely. A high morale means increased energy, productivity, profits, and more. A low morale means low energy, absenteeism, lower productivity, potential sabotage, and more. While every person may not be able to affect the morale of the […]

7 Reasons Companies Are Hiring

How to Work from Home with Kids

Despite the stereotypes, having a career and being an engaged member of your family are absolutely possible. As with all important things in life, you have to learn how to balance and prioritize your responsibilities. Remote working, or working from home, is a great way to start bringing your career closer to your family and […]

Most Common Way Companies Handle Bereavement Time Off

Losing a loved one can strike anyone at any time. As such, businesses of all shapes and sizes have employees who have friends or family pass away. When this happens it leads to a number of situations where an employee will need some time off from work: to attend a funeral, to arrange a funeral, […]

Finance Jobs: 3 Ways To Reduce Employee Tardiness

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have to deal with employees arriving late for work, aka tardiness (though hopefully to a lesser extent for sole proprietors or single-member LLCs). The effect of employee tardiness on businesses is obviously negative because an employee cannot do their finance job if they are not present and lost productivity means […]

The Future of Tech: Will Robots Take Your Finance Job?

No one can deny that automation is gradually playing a huge role in our daily lives. Just think about today’s customer service, artificial intelligence education, and your IoT-equipped office, among others. This has certainly served as warnings about our future and how robots could disrupt our world in different ways—from the social point of view […]

Opioid Crisis Affects American Small Business

As of 2018 there are 30.2 million businesses in the United States. The proportion of those that are small businesses is a whopping 99% (like ACG Resources) employing more than 47% of the private workforce. There are many statistics related to small businesses, such as just 50% of small businesses survive beyond five years. Similar […]

Depression and Its Effect On US Finance Jobs

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that affects millions of Americans in their finance jobs and daily lives. Those who experience it (and the people who interact with them) see symptoms of prolonged sadness, anxiety, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and unusual appetite changes. These symptoms affect how a person thinks, feels, and handles daily […]

Franchise Business Success Rate vs Non-Franchise Business

Some people get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, but some do not and are happy to work for someone else for a living. For those who are interested in going into business for themselves they have many decisions to make at the beginning of that process. One big decision is whether they want to build […]

American Small Business Ownership Broken Down By Age & Gender

As of 2018 there are 30.2 million businesses in the United States. The proportion of those that are small businesses is a whopping 99% and they employ more than 47% of the private workforce in jobs. There are many other interesting statistics related to small businesses, such as the statistic that 50% of small businesses […]