Social Media Errors that are Affecting Your Job Hunt

Contrary to what some people may think, who you are online is not disconnected from who you are in your day-to-day life. As social media continues to gain normalcy, people filter their tweets and posts less and less, while potential employers are checking out social profiles more and more. What you say online could cost […]

7 Networking Mistakes That are Undermining You

How are your networking skills? But really, how are they? You may think you’re hitting it out of the park at every networking event you attend, but you could really be undermining your efforts. If you’re doing any or all of these 7 things, it’s time to change your networking style. Forgetting your business cards […]

Time’s Up! Why 5 Years is Long Enough at Your Job

After a certain amount of time, staying at your current job starts working against you, not for you. Job-hopping isn’t a good idea, but there’s a difference between that and strategically moving your career along. Gone are the days of employees staying at the same company in the same position for 30, 40, 50 years. […]

The Top 7 Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you’ve been on the job search journey, you’ve spent some time with the Interview. Many people struggle with the questions they are required to answer. Here are several go-to questions that you can review that will help you to be better prepared. Tell me about yourself. While worded as a statement, this is really […]

Answering the Quitting Question

There could be many different reasons for why you left your last job, or employed, but currently looking for a new opportunity. In an interview, you need to be able to articulate those reasons well without digging yourself into a hole. All About Perspective Whether you were fired, laid off or chose to quit your […]

Four Don’ts for Your Resume

Whether you’re accustomed to working with a recruiter or not, there are some things that they—and others—don’t want to see on your resume. With so many resumes coming to them on a daily basis, recruiters want you to cut to the chase. Get rid of the unnecessary parts that bog you down. If you found […]

4 Simple Ways to Express Your Strengths

One of the single most dreaded questions during an interview is: “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” The weaknesses part is a discussion all by itself, so today we’re going to look at your strengths. Be specific “I’m a hard worker” is not specific. That’s a very general answer that everyone would claim. Instead, […]

Don’t Sweat It

When you’re between jobs, looking for your dream job or just trying to find any job, stress levels can run high. There is plenty that you can stress about in this process, but there are some things that your HR connection doesn’t really care about. So neither should you. Resume Design Unless you’re trying to get […]

Is the Writing on the Wall for Your Job?

Sometimes the writing is on the wall, but you just can’t seem to see it. There are sure signs that, when combined, are strong hints that you should consider switching jobs. You can resolve some issues through work and cooperation. And by all means, pursue that first. But there are some areas that can’t be […]

The 5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

When you ask questions at the close of your job interview you show the interviewer you were listening. You convey your interest in the company and showcase what a good fit to the team you would be. Your questions garner insight into how you would fit into a specific role and where you would devote your energy. Questions are critical to the success of your interview.