best job for optimistOne of the most common pieces of advice given to young people deciding what they want to do professionally for the rest of their lives is to “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

That is easier said than done depending on what a person loves to do for a job, but it is made easier depending on the imagination of the person contemplating their professional future. Another thing that helps when choosing a career is choosing one that matches or compliments a person’s personality, rather than one that contradicts it.

One big personality characteristic that people use to define themselves is whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist. Below are some career paths that are popularly known to be compatible with optimists.

Optimists typically bring a shine or energy to whatever job they choose. Many people bring their optimism to the profession of teaching, where it is sometimes vitally important due to the various challenges of being a teacher. A teacher sets the mood for their classroom, which has a big impact on the facilitation of learning. Optimistic teachers frequently radiate the optimism that is associated with young, fresh minds interested in learning and experiencing new things, back to their students. Even for students who don’t find learning as easy as their counterparts, a teacher’s optimism to help them pull through is typically remembered decades later by the thankful students.

Creative jobs such as writer or artist are also ripe for optimists. Frequent revisions, or outright rejections, are typically commonplace in such jobs but can be weathered or balanced by an optimistic person’s personality. When such people do succeed professionally, their optimism helps lay the groundwork for some truly remarkable final products. Optimists are also typically known for making up their own rules and thinking outside of the box, which is crucial for writers and artists.

Nurses are on the front lines when it comes to caring for all kinds of patients in the healthcare system. Sometimes nursing jobs can be difficult when things do not go in favor of a patient, but an optimistic nurse can power through to focus on being able to help the next patient. Because of the typically unexpected or dire circumstances that causes people to interact with the healthcare system, optimist nurses are a vital part of guiding patients through the difficulties related to their care so they can hopefully get back to their normal life as soon as possible.