Five Tips for Organizing Meetings That Get the Job Done

By: Len Adams, CPC, CSP We have all been there: the meeting is scheduled to last thirty minutes, but the executive shows up late and the team will not start until they arrive, forty-five minutes later everything but the actual topic for the meeting has been discussed, and half the room is comprised of people […]

EACC Insights: Will AI cause the Death of the Recruiting Industry?

By: Len Adams, CPC, CTS Originally printed in the European American Chamber of Commerce Newsletter There has been great hype recently about artificial intelligence and its application to the recruitment process. Much has been written about the potential for the recruitment function to be replaced by AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being touted as the […]

Four Keys to Improving Employee Engagement

By Len Adams, CPC, CTS Your company is running and you have hired your team of employees now comes the next step: how do you keep you employees engaged and happy? First thing to know is what does it mean to be engaged? Engaged refers to employees who are active participants in the company and […]