The focal point of just about any home office is the desk because that’s usually where most of the work gets done. For anyone whose desk in their home office doubles as a coffee table, a storage place, or don’t even have a desk so they just use a couch, let’s get that fixed pronto. A desk that you put specific thought into picking out is a dedicated workspace where you can transform your potential into reality. But what makes the best desk for a home office? We’re glad you asked because we have some tips to help with that.
First, let’s take step back and consider your home office, specifically the size, before looking at the desk. The size of the desk should be able to fit in the door and also not take up too much space within the room so that you don’t feel cramped or can barely move around. For smaller home offices there are vertically oriented desks or standing desks that can work great without taking up too much floor space. For traditional desks you’ll be sitting behind, make sure there is enough room between the desk and the wall behind where you would sit so you can back your chair up without slamming into the wall.
The type of desk also typically matches up with the type of work you will be doing on it. Writing desks feature large flat surfaces with minimal storage options, can be placed along a wall or in the middle of the room, and are typically not that heavy. Executive desks are definitely on the heavy side, but they also have many drawers that provide storage, are typically made of solid wood, and have large surfaces for many stacks of paper or big calendars. They typically have matching furniture options too. Standing desks have already been mentioned and are growing in popularity due to people who need them because they have a medical condition that prevents them for sitting for long periods of time.
How long you’ll be using this desk will depend on the material composition of the desk. Wood desks provide a traditional look and feel but they can be heavy and warp. Metal desks can be lighter than wood desks, depending on the thickness of the metal, and provide an industrial, modern look. Glass desks are elegant options that can wow others in a video conference call but are more prone to breaking/chipping.