Entrepreneurs know that most companies live or die by their marketing and sales performance. You can have a great product or service, maybe even the best in the world for its genre, but if practically no one knows of its existence then it is going to be hard to survive. The push in recent decades has been overwhelmingly to various forms of digital marketing thanks to the rise of the Internet, computers, cell phones, etc. But many marketing executives and experts find themselves looking for new ways to approach marketing because the competition for these already overcrowded digital spaces is so fierce. Here are some unusual marketing ideas for your business to get your message out there better in the digital or non-digital space.
Video marketing is growing like wildfire thanks to increases in technology. The standard for cellular data transmission speeds for cell phones is going from 4G (which was already fast) to 5G (which is much faster). Business and home Internet speeds are typically measured in gigabytes (GB) now, which is way faster than megabytes (MB) or (KB) of the “old” days. Networking equipment such as routers, modems, and Wifi points push data out to the devices that connect to them faster than ever. All of this means that companies can now use the medium of video to communicate their message effectively when they couldn’t before because it would take too long for the video to load and the quality was not good. You can pre-record such video marketing or see if there is an aspect of your business that is compatible with live-streaming.
Business award competitions are a great way to market your company. You get to say you won something, of course, which distinguishes you from your competition. Include recognition of the award on your company website or in materials placed around the office, especially rooms where guests/visitors will be present. Plus your presence at the acceptance ceremony will be an opportunity for representatives of your company to do some networking and in-person marketing. Check for such competitions with professional organizations related to your industry, chambers of commerce for your state and local area, media organizations that hold such contests for their viewers, and more.
Advertising local in your company’s area, or in the area of your company’s HQ for example, has seen an uptick in profitability lately. With everyone trying to cast that wide marketing net on the Internet, it has meant lower rates for marketing on billboards, bus stops, banners, etc around town. Local communities are shown in research to be very loyal, and dedicated, customers if courted correctly.