You can be selling the best product, have the most clients, and be at the top of your industry, but are your employees happy? Every company relies on its workers in order to be successful, and if you do not take the time to invest in their happiness and well-being then you run the risk of employee turnover and loss. Of course, you are still running a business and while it is important to invest in your workers it is also important to make smart financial decisions.

Ten Great Perks For Employees That Do Not Break The Bank!

  1. Flexible Schedules: People have things going on in their lives outside of the office. Many of them value time with their families and the ability to adjust their work hours to fit their needs. 
  2. Company organizations or clubs: Since employees spend so much time with their coworkers, it can be exciting to form groups that allow them to interact with each other in a different capacity. Some companies have formed health and wellness groups that meet on the weekends to do bike rides together, bring in speakers about nutrition, and implement healthy initiatives for other employees. Other ideas are book clubs, public speaking, community service, crafting, etc. 
  3. Company outings: Instead of paying for separate departmental gatherings, invite the company and their families for a day at the local aquarium or rent a cool event space for a picnic. They will be able to treat their family to a fun day and know that their company cares about them. 
  4. Career development programs: One perk that is beneficial for you and your employees is to offer online courses and specializations for them to take advantage of. People love being able to learn and improve plus this makes them more skilled workers.
  5. Fitness centers: Access to a fitness room or center is a great perk that can tie into a health and wellness group and it shows your employees that you care about their physical health.
  6. Counseling or mental health services: Along with physical health, it is important to promote mental health. This could be bringing in a monthly speaker, offering counseling services, or creating spaces in the office such as a Zen room, meditation, or just a quiet place for people to take breaks.
  7. Fundraising opportunities: Just as companies love to be involved in charities and community service programs, so do individuals. Create a contest among your employees to raise money for a charity, encourage workers to participate in a charity run, host a blood donation truck for a day, etc.
  8. Unique dining: Corporate cafeterias are a thing of the past and most employees grow tired of the same food every day. Invite food trucks to park in the company parking lot once a month to support local businesses and give your employees a treat!
  9. Childcare: Many parents struggle with running their young children to daycare before work. Eliminate that issue by offering childcare services for your employees so they can feel relaxed and happy knowing their children are taken care of while they work.
  10. Birthday Parties: How long has it been since you were in school and your mom brought in cupcakes on your birthday? Do you remember how fun and special you felt? You can offer that same feeling to your employees by giving them a cake, cupcakes, or any treat to celebrate. This is a very personal way to make them feel special.