Startup Recruiting
& Private Equity

Executive Search and Recruiting for Startups & Portfolio Company Advisory

The unique demands of privately-held enterprises, whether fueled by venture capital or private equity, present a dynamic landscape, particularly for those experiencing rapid expansion or navigating novel markets. Our expertise aligns seamlessly with the intricate requirements of private equity firms and venture-backed entities aiming for robust growth and strategic transformations within their portfolio companies. We specialize in identifying and securing top-tier executive talent, precisely tailored to meet these specialized needs and drive unparalleled success

Startup Recruiting
Whether you are recently funded, or, are new to market from overseas,

Discovering exceptional talent primed for success in startup environments or emerging markets is our forte. With a proven track record, we excel in pinpointing individuals with the expertise and prowess to excel in such dynamic settings. Moreover, our wealth of experience extends to assisting international firms in establishing their footprint in the United States, seamlessly navigating the intricacies of global expansion. Additionally, we stand ready with adept interim management solutions, ensuring seamless transitions and uninterrupted momentum towards your goals.

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