Len Adams, CEO and Founder of ACG Reources was a guest on The Global Advocate Career Podcast.

If you’re a recent graduate, just out of college or just completed your masters, what does the world of work look like for you? By the end of the current academic year, 3.7 million high school diplomas, 1 million Associate Degrees and 2 million Bachelor Degrees will be awarded. This year, more than any, how will you secure a job you want and start your journey on the career ladder you want to?

Len answers the question “I Just Graduated… Now What?”

  • What sort of labor market should recent college graduates expect to enter?
  • Job seeking tips such as resume do’s and don’ts
  • Virtual etiquette, job boards, musings on LinkedIn
  • Is the cover letter dead? and much, much more…

Listen to the Michelle and Len’s podcast now: