Many companies still have much to learn what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do to aid in their quest (just like all companies) to find the best talent in the job market. Some companies just don’t focus enough on candidate experience/ratings of their interviewing/recruiting process and some companies are still relying on old processes to attract talent such as job boards. Either way, the time for improving these processes is now because the job market is more competitive than ever in general and the top performers usually do not stay available for long. Continue reading to learn how to use SEO to recruit better talent for your company.

Trying to get open position filled is basically a lot like selling a product and marketing for your open position is just as important as marketing is for selling any given product. Work with the people in your IT team or whatever group of people that are responsible for your company’s career site/page to make sure it has maximum visibility. As the amount of web traffic continues to shift from desktops/laptops to mobile devices, having a career site/page that is optimized for mobile and employs the latest technology to make the pages load quick/correctly is a must.

Having lots of people hit your company’s career page doesn’t mean much if the job postings are poorly written and not optimized. Higher caliber talent will easily be able to tell the difference between another “job board like” site with spammy or non-informative job postings and something better. To have better job postings you can increase sort/filter options, use more bullet points (and less big paragraphs), and include key information that is relevant to the position. Make sure to have the people (probably in human resources) coordinating with the specific hiring managers to get all of that relevant information.

After people apply for positions with your company, and hopefully some of them are top talent, how long is the process between that point and receiving an offer letter? Regardless of the specifics, human resources experts suggest reducing that period of time will increase the likelihood of recruiting top talent. If the process is too lengthy, complicated, or burdensome, top talent may consider cutting their losses and applying elsewhere. Human resources experts also point out that candidates frequently see a company’s hiring process, and how smoothly or not smoothly it flows, as a reflection of how efficient the processes are at the company overall. Few people want to find themselves in an ocean of red-tape!