In modern times, research, personal/family experiences, statistics, and more show that one of the biggest obstacles to a long and healthy life is stress. So everyone wants to reduce their stress, where possible, right? But most people also have many things to accomplish so focusing all of their attention to maximizing relaxation to combat stress is not a feasible option. In fact, some people get so focused on accomplishing and achieving things they focus all their attention to maximizing productivity. What is the best way to balance relaxation and productivity? We’re glad you asked.
Working 18 hour days is not so bad if you remember to take a proper amount of breaks and relax. This will allow you to reduce your stress level and re-energize, which will allow you to accomplish more, than trying to work 18 hours straight or not taking enough breaks. It gets complicated when choosing how much/many breaks are needed though because it varies so much from person to person given differences in biology, age, fitness level, etc. There is obviously a difference too in working 18 hours out on a farm vs working 18 hours sitting at a computer.
Another great way to find harmony between relaxation and productivity is to pay close attention to what stresses you out while you are working. During your next break, or between workdays, take some time to brainstorm why that thing stresses you out and how you can reduce or eliminate its effect on you. It could be as simple as the ding from your email program being a sound that you hate so you change it one that is more enjoyable; maybe even a sound you recorded yourself!
Human beings are very social creatures, even if the manner and frequency of social interactions vary from person to person. Experts say that people who are the best at regaining their energy during relaxation do so by communicating with other people for a portion of that relaxation time. You can get another perspective on a problem that will end up solving it faster than your idea would or you can get some reassurance that the conclusion you were coming to regarding a given situation is logically sound. If the person you’re talking to happens to be facing more daunting problems than you, it can take weight off your shoulders by making you appreciate the smaller problems in your life. Always remember to be empathetic with such people though so that the communication is mutually beneficial.