It’s not easy for companies to minimize potentially harmful impacts of their operations on the environment. Doing so typically does not help the bottom line; it typically works against it. But the importance of taking better care of the environment and reducing emissions has increased in popularity and acceptance in recent years. But how does a company go about reducing waste in the workplace? Great news! With just a few easy adjustments, you and your coworkers will be well on your way to helping your company being leaner and greener.
Carpooling is great for a variety of reasons. Every car that runs for the average number of miles per day puts out thousands of pounds of carbon emissions every year. Carpooling with 1 coworker cuts that number in half and obviously it gets cut even further if you add 2 or 3 coworkers. Sharing the driving responsibilities too can even help employee mental health by reducing stress because there is rarely anywhere on America’s crowded roads today that driving is not stressful. If you live close enough to your office you could also try biking or taking public transit, if it exists, which also cuts out carbon emissions.
Make use of reusables whenever possible to reduce the amount of trash you’re throwing away. Instead of using a new plastic or Styrofoam cup every time you get some water, bring a glass or metal cup to leave at your desk to use for water. Using washable other kitchen wares also reduces the amounts of trash that starts piling up from paper plates, plastic utensils, and cardboard boxes. Someone on the team will have to wash the dirty kitchen wares of course but if surely those duties can’t be too difficult to rotate throughout the team?
“Think before you print” is a phrase that has become more common in workplaces around the country. It revolves around the practice of only printing things out when absolutely necessary to reduce paper and ink waste (plus ink is typically pretty expensive too) by seeking alternatives first: email, digital slideshow, whiteboard presentation, etc. Related to reducing paper waste, there are situations for just about every job in the country where it will be prudent to take some notes. Employees can utilize note taking applications like Evernote or Ubernote from smartphones, tablets, or laptops to take notes digitally, making them more accessible and easy to do while on the go.