Choosing the right gift for your client, boss, or coworker can be just as difficult as choosing the right gift for your spouse, sibling, or parent. The goal is similar in both cases though; to let them know you care about them and value the relationship. The best gift givers know how to do so with a gift that the receiver will also value without the gift being too overboard or improper. In 2020 the job is even harder because the idle, impersonal talk that happens between important job functions has been missing from so many people’s routines who have been working from home. Giving gifts is worth it though because they have been shown to boost morale and increase comradery. Read on for some great Christmas gift ideas for your office.
Few people will turn down chocolate and a percentage of the ones who do don’t really have a choice because they are allergic to chocolate. On top of the wide ranging affection of chocolate, the other great thing is that there are so many options and variation. You could do chocolate dipped fruit, some chocolate chip cookies, a classic Christmas fudge, and more. Savvy gift givers will alter between milk chocolate and dark chocolate depending on the preference of the gift receiver; and don’t forget about white chocolate. Again, it’s hard to go wrong with something chocolate!
A coffee mug is a classic but very functional gift. You can decide whether you want to get a personalized one with whatever text or pictures you think the gift receiver will like the most or a pre-designed mug that has a great joke on it, for example. Similar to chocolate, the vast majority of people drink coffee. Just don’t be discouraged if the gift receiver doesn’t ditch their current coffee mug for the new one; they may just be using it at home.
A good book is another gift idea that has a lot of versatility. The only trick with books is for the gift giver to have a better idea of what the gift receiver’s interests are so you can get a corresponding book. It will be more difficult to tell how much the gift receiver is enjoying their new book because they most likely won’t be reading the book at work (most workplaces frown on that sort of thing). You’ll just have to take them at their word if they say they like it.
Posters/wall decorations are great gift ideas for traditional workplaces, such as those with cubicles or defined offices, because that means lots of wall space. That space will look so much better with some great decorations, won’t it. Just make sure it is something tasteful that the boss will like.