Technical Skills Every New Hire Should Possess

In this day and age, most recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates who can hit the ground running and do not require a lot of training. One of the skill areas where many companies spend a lot of capital for training is that of technical skills. As each year passes, the newest round […]

Questions To Never Ask During An Interview

HR departments nationwide have to deal with constant changes in laws, policies, and other forms of guidelines. This is because they handle many forms of sensitive data or processes related to their employees, such as social security numbers, health/medical info, and anonymous complaints. One area where HR departments constantly have to keep a close eye […]

How To Make Your New Hire Orientation Program Better

Having a candidate accept a new job offer is not the end of the road for a company to make a good impression, because everything that follows impacts the perception of the newly hired employee of the company culture. A great new hire orientation program can prep an employee for a long and productive career […]

How Business Owners Can Encourage Proactivity In The Workplace

Proactive employees are self-motivated and have a greater likelihood of solving problems before they even become problems or before they become bigger problems. This of course saves money, which is one of the reasons why companies hiring are looking for ways to encourage proactivity among their employees. Proactive employees are also typically happier because they […]

3 Secrets Of A Good Workplace Evacuation Plan

Being prepared for a potential hazard or disaster and being ready to evacuate if necessary is essential to keeping all personnel at your company safe. Panic and people running around chaotically should not be a part of any company’s evacuation plan because those things put lives at risk. Having an evacuation plan is a big […]

4 Ways To Keep Employee Morale High

Morale is one of those important pieces of a corporate culture that successful companies make sure to manage closely. A high morale means increased energy, productivity, profits, and more. A low morale means low energy, absenteeism, lower productivity, potential sabotage, and more. While every person may not be able to affect the morale of the […]

4 Perks Businesses Offer But Employees Do Not Want

In the current business climate holding on to employees is harder than ever; and holding on to great employees is even harder than that. The mainstay of attracting and keeping employees is (increased) salary of course, but over time companies have found many other benefits and perks. For the purposes of this article, benefits are […]

Why Do You Send Hundreds of Resumes for No Response?

If there is one topic that the business world cannot get enough of is the modern hiring process and online job boards. These are vital to the job finding process but also the bane of every staffing and recruiting agency’s existence. Most articles look at the HR representatives and the process of whittling down the […]

7 Reasons Companies Are Hiring

Working from Home and Successfully Managing through a Pandemic

In March, the entire world was turned upside down due to the Covid19 crisis. As it relates to the workforce, companies were in turmoil as shelter in place polices were implemented in most cities and states. Employers that had not previously adopted a WFH policy needed to scramble to set up the proper technology, policies, […]