I Just Graduated… Now What? Global Advocate Graduate Career Podcast

Len Adams, CEO and Founder of ACG Reources was a guest on The Global Advocate Career Podcast. If you’re a recent graduate, just out of college or just completed your masters, what does the world of work look like for you? By the end of the current academic year, 3.7 million high school diplomas, 1 […]

How Being Laid Off Can Create a Better Career For You

Join Len Adams, CEO and Founder of ACG Resources and as he discusses “How do you secure new opportunity when you’ve just been laid off? If you’re living month to month, relying on your pay check and suddenly get laid off or lose your job, what are you going to do and how are you […]

How The Pandemic Has Affected Businesses, Including ACG Resources

The Global Advocate Career Podcast invites Len Adams back to discuss how the pandemic has affected businesses, particularly, ACG Resources. Len discusses his perspective on what sectors have been irreversibly transformed and how those which have survived and thrived. Listen to Len transparently discuss how he and his team adapt to the “new normal”, the […]

The Future of Tech: Will Robots Take Your Job?

No one can deny that automation is gradually playing a huge role in our daily lives. Just think about today’s customer service, artificial intelligence education, and your IoT-equipped office, among others. This has served as warnings about our future and how robots could disrupt our world in different ways—from the social point of view to […]


By Ralph Fatigate Executive Managing Director, ACG Risk & Compliance Over the past several months, we have experienced a tremendous amount of changes in how we live and how we conduct business. The financial industry has been forced to adapt to the evolving demands and challenges facing us all during these turbulent times. Some of […]

How Do I Keep My Workplace Safe To Avoid Injuries?

Injuries can happen in the workplace when you least expect it, just like they can happen anywhere in the world, but businesses have an extra responsibility to keep their employees safe to the best of their ability. Putting up a few posters about the importance of safety and a once-per-year safety program might have been […]


Len Adams, the Founder and CEO of ACG Resources / Adams Consulting Group was recently interviewed by Tony Restell Len is passionate about helping job seekers and fellow recruiters to maintain some perspective whenever there is a challenging economic climate, such as today. Len outlined that there are in fact 7 key reasons why companies make […]

Podcast: The Best Practices When Recruiting Remotely | Working With People

Len Adams, CEO and Founder of ACG Resources was invited as a guest on the highly respected Working With People podcast recently. Listen to the episode now and enjoy some key take outs you can use in your organisation to help you hire better talent faster. Harrison interviews Len about the best practices when recruiting […]

Best Ways For Managers To Motivate Employees

Employee motivation has a huge impact on their productivity and longevity in the workplace. The best companies staff themselves with the best managers who know how to maximize motivation. Such managers know that it’s not actually about motivating employees (at least not directly), but learning about what motivations already exist in their employees and directing […]

3 Reasons Employees Get A New Job Elsewhere

The average length of time an employee will spend with one company is shorter than ever. Gone are the days where an employee would get hired at a company, work 40 years at that same company, and then retire without every getting a job at a different company. The ongoing improvement in the economy and […]