Marketing Yourself

The time when both employee and employer looked at their relationship as being a long-term commitment is past. Employers are constantly looking for new employees, new ideas, and new ways to make money. They carefully market themselves to potential talent to draw the interest of those who may be of value to the company. Branding, […]

Happy to be at Work

We all want to be happy at work, but what does this really mean? The official definition of happiness is the quality or state of being delighted, pleased, or glad as over a particular thing. According to many researchers, happiness is a synonym for contentment. At work, to be content sometimes means your career is […]

Are You Ambitious Enough?

In the second century, the philosopher and Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, engaged in a discourse with the future tyrant, Commodus, as to what constituted virtues and vices for a ruler. The one topic they could not agree in which category fell ‘ambition’. It seems to be both. A great ruler needed to have a drive […]

When Inspiration Strikes: The Benefits of Corporate Culture

We spend a lot of time at work. For a typical 9 to 5 worker, over the 45 years from college graduation to retirement, with a little held back for vacation, illness, and holidays, the total time spent working is around 90,000 hours. Add in a few thousand hours of commuting, a few late-night crises, […]

Best Office Gift Ideas

Best Office Gift Ideas Uh oh! It is holiday time. The questions of what gifts to give can be quite perplexing. Giving the boss a gift can be seen as brown nosing, but not giving the boss a gift can be seen as an insult to them. Oh, what to do in this world of […]

How the Time of Day Can Impact Your Work

How the Time of Day Can Impact Your Work Mark Twain famously said to eat a live frog first thing in the morning and then be assured nothing worse would happen to you that day. While this is not exactly the most appetizing image, the concept of getting your most difficult task done early is […]

How to Stay Motivated Even in Redundancy

How to Stay Motivated Even in Redundancy   Redundancy is a bad word; in the work world it means your job is ending, and even worse it means your job is truly disappearing. This is not because you are doing a bad job and being fired for something you could correct. Unfortunately, this happens to […]

How To Reduce Office Turnover

Office turnover rates are one of the biggest issues in the commonworkplace, but employee retention doesn’t have to be so hard.

Best Ways To Foster Teamwork

Teamwork is a crucial part of helping a business run, because if the team is not working then the business isn’t either

How To Properly Scale Your Business

Scaling a business can be hard in today’s ever growing and changing economy,