Should you extend a Counter Offer to an Employee who resigns?

By Len Adams, CPC  CEO, Adams Consulting Group, LLC  Most employers are increasingly concerned about the retention of key and non-key employees. When an employee leaves, it can be expensive to replace them, not to mention the loss of productivity and knowledge.  A recent study has shown that many currently employed workers are unhappy in […]

Counteroffer Acceptance: Road to Career Ruin

By Paul Hawkinson A raise won’t permanently cushion thorns in the nest. Mathew Henry, the 17th-century writer said, “Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in fine gay colours that are but skin deep.” The same can be said for counteroffers, those magnetic enticements designed to lure you back into the nest after you’ve decided […]

Interview Tips to Help You

During my 40 years in the recruiting and search business, I have been constantly amazed at how normally intelligent, well-spoken professionals in a particular field are oftentimes reduced to blank stares when it comes to answering questions on an interview. Similar to what many of us have experienced when taking an exam that we have […]

What are the Benefits of Sales Training?

Selling is generally regarded as one of the most persuasive forms of promotion a company deploys. Persuading prospective clients to make purchases is the ultimate goal of a sales employee, department, or maybe even the whole company if it specializes in sales. While the ultimate goals of other departments may vary, some business analysts say […]