Deal Origination Supervisor AVP

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Job Ref: 12716

Deal Origination Supervisor, AVP
(located in Manhattan)

Loan Operations
ABL Operations
1. Continuously input and review the integrity of all collateral (BBC) and loan data received for ABL deals ensuring the timely and accurate treatment of all transactions. Ensures that
daily advance requests are properly funded and daily activity properly posted.
2. Interact closely with account officers to make sure that all ABL Loan terms and conditions are understood by prior to booking the initial collateral transactions; and this
information is properly input into the system to reflect these terms and conditions.
3. Promptly report problematic or irregular transactions to account officers and management to avoid potential losses.
Deal Originations
1. Continuously reviews the loan portfolio to ensure the integrity of all data and booking of all loan transactions.
2. Interacts closely with Front Office on complex deals and ensures that all terms and conditions are well understood by Loan Operations team. Also responsible for the scheduling and chairing of closing meetings with all stakeholders.
3. Ensure the timely, accurate and appropriate booking and monitoring of all new loan deals/facilities. Promptly reports problematic or irregular transactions to management to avoid potential losses.
4. Reviews all loan documentation (i.e. Credit Agreements, ACBS Input Sheets, Credit Approvals, Fee Schedules etc.) to ensure data integrity.
5. Maintains contact with front office to obtain documentation and resolve discrepancies.
6. Booking of all fees relating to deal origination.
7. Manages system upgrades and conversion projects including UAT.
8. Provides training and guidance to subordinates.
9. Performs other duties, as assigned by the Deputy COO, which fall within scope of responsibility.
EDUCATION: Associates degree or Bachelor's degree
Thorough understanding of the ACBS System
Knowledge of mainframe applications and A/X archival system.
Proficiency with the appropriate computer applications (i.e. Word and Excel)
EXPERIENCE: Minimum 5 years related work experience