Resume Checklist

• Readers’ attention is attracted in first third of page

• Contact information is correct and properly formatted (include e-mail and telephone number with answering device)

• Paper is high quality

• Resume reads easily and is computer friendly with fonts that are able to be scanned

• Resume invites questions

• Employment history and accomplishments are true and verifiable

• Resume has been spell checked and proof-read for grammar

Interview Check List

Confirm dress policy of company. If you absolutely need to be in casual dress so as not to arouse suspicion of your current employer, advise interviewer before hand to determine acceptability.

Prepare for the interview by learning as much about the company as possible. Visit web site prior to interview.

The purpose of an interview is to learn as much about the specific opening and present oneself in as positive an approach as possible.

The first and second interviews are not the time to negotiate compensation, benefits, etc. If the issue of salary requirement is brought up, it is appropriate to provide current or past salary history (verifiable). DO NOT MAKE SALARY AN ISSUE AT THIS POINT. Indicate that while salary is important, it is one of several factors that should be considered by both sides. Impress upon interviewer your willingness to discuss a reasonable offer at a point further into the process.

Be aware that at time of offer, many companies ARE VERIFYING compensation by asking for w2’s or pay stubs. Be prepared for this eventuality.

Be upfront with your referring recruiter on all aspects of your background.

Post Interview

Always send a brief follow up note to all of those with whom you have interviewed (HR and Line Manager).

1. Thank interviewer for their time

2. Elaborate on any points that were discussed during the interview that may enhance your consideration.

3. Note may be sent via mail or e-mail.

Follow up with your referring recruiter immediately after the interview. YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT.

The interview is part of a PROCESS. It is important to complete as much of the process as possible.

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