6 Tips to Maximize Your Networking

Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, networking is a vital skill that you should be continually developing. As much as you might wish it to be different, your own skills and expertise at your job aren’t always enough. Often, it’s exactly like that saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you […]

Spin these 4 Common Job Hunting Weaknesses to Positives

Most job seekers dread candidacy weakness questions because they do not want to attract attention to their negative attributes and spoil their chances for the job. However, a weakness can be seen as an area of untapped potential rather than a personal deficiency. For this reason, several approaches can be taken in answering questions about your weaknesses.

4 Tips for Writing a Short, Focused and Impactful Resume

A resume is just a stepping stone to an interview, not an all-inclusive record of your career. With that in mind, here are a few easy tips to keep your resume short, sweet and successful.

Think Your Interview Went Well?

Most of us are terrible at evaluating our own interview performance. Some of us will grossly overestimate our abilities, while others perennially underrate their chances of landing the job. Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate the uncertainty.

Is Your Job Worth Quitting?

When all is said and done, the decision to walk away from an awful job is yours and yours alone. Consider these important questions before cutting the umbilical cord.

What Hiring Managers Wish Job Seekers Already Knew

Getting hired is the result of give and take between a candidate and employer when they reach a decision that they are the right fit for each other. “You’re hired.” Those are the words you’re hoping to hear at the end of the interview process. You’ve read all the advice from friends and self-help books, […]

Your Guide to Making a Cross-Industry Move

When browsing through job descriptions, it’s easy to get the impression that many fields are incredibly siloed. Finance organizations all seem to want finance experience, while the technology sector seeks candidates from similar technology companies. It begins to look a bit like competing companies are just shuffling talent around between one another – and in […]

5 Prep tips for a Video Interview!

Video interviews can be a great way to connect with a potential employer, especially if you’re interviewing for a position which would require you to relocate or work remotely. However, video interviews are also full of potential pitfalls. These five steps can help you to prepare for a video interview and increase your chances of […]

How to Create a Boring, Generic Resume

In some cases, your resume may actually be good and hit all the right points; there might not be anything inherently “wrong” with it. However, it might be the “just fine” nature of your resume that’s keeping you from getting noticed. Some of the old standby rules no longer apply and can make your resume seem generic. Here are five things to remove from your resume

Beef Up Your Networking Skills

Cultivating your network is one of the most effective ways to get your foot in the door when other methods seem to get you nowhere.