Leveraging Numbers On Your Resume

Much advice is given about resumes. What to include, what not to, say one thing one way and not the other. A popular piece of wisdom is to list achievements and not just what you did. If you want to make an even bigger impact and go deeper than just your achievement you can add […]

Have Some Fun! Round-Out Your Resume

Usually, the words “fun” and “resume” would never be combined unless you were a down-and-out clown looking to do some birthday parties. You don’t have to be in the entertainment industry to enjoy bulking up your resume while between jobs or with an eye towards a job switch. You’ve probably heard the advice that you […]

Send Thanks and Stand Out From the Crowd

It used to be standard to send a thank-you after an interview. While the practice has fallen out of vogue, it is still polite to do so. When you do, it also distinguishes you from the many people who don’t. Industry experts disagree on whether their decision to hire a candidate would change based on […]

Enrich Your Resume with Your Experience

Being employed for an extended period of time is a good thing. However, you want to avoid appearing out-of-touch or old on your resume. Instead, learn how to phrase your experience as a huge benefit to the company you’re applying at now. Don’t Stop Learning A concern that employers have about employees who have worked […]

6 Tips for a Great Phone Interview

With so many people applying for the same job, phone interviews are still something that employers use to narrow the field a bit more. Understanding how to stand out, even in a phone interview, will greatly help in taking that next step towards the job. Take your phone interview seriously by implementing these six tips. […]

4 Critical Interview Mistakes

At last! You’ve finally scored an interview with that company that is a perfect fit and has the job you love. Don’t detract from that victory by making mistakes that could cost you the job. Avoid these four things at all costs. Arriving late You should build time into your travel to account for this. […]

Eliminating the Age-Factor on Your Resume

If you’ve been out of the job hunt mindset for a while, you might be a bit rusty when it comes to resumes. However, it may be time for you to look for a new job. And for whatever reason, and you’re back at it again. Things have changed since you were last sending out […]

Social Media Errors that are Affecting Your Job Hunt

Contrary to what some people may think, who you are online is not disconnected from who you are in your day-to-day life. As social media continues to gain normalcy, people filter their tweets and posts less and less, while potential employers are checking out social profiles more and more. What you say online could cost […]

The Top 7 Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you’ve been on the job search journey, you’ve spent some time with the Interview. Many people struggle with the questions they are required to answer. Here are several go-to questions that you can review that will help you to be better prepared. Tell me about yourself. While worded as a statement, this is really […]

Four Don’ts for Your Resume

Whether you’re accustomed to working with a recruiter or not, there are some things that they—and others—don’t want to see on your resume. With so many resumes coming to them on a daily basis, recruiters want you to cut to the chase. Get rid of the unnecessary parts that bog you down. If you found […]